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10 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer before hiring

10 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer before hiring

Thank you so much for stopping by below are 10 simple questions you should ask a wedding photographer before you hire them- and why you should ask them! As well as my own answers!

So you are engaged! Yay. (here is another post for what to do after you get engaged) Now, you have started looking at hiring a photographer for your wedding. You are getting ready to invest in this person.

Wedding photography is incredibly important because it’s the only thing besides your marriage haha that will last past the wedding day.

Those photos are the memories of everything that happened that you will pass on in the future generations! So you are investing your finances in an artist to capture and create the most beautiful photographs to remember your most precious of memories.

It happens once and if you have the wrong photographer there is no going back.

In this LINKED POST there is some more really useful information about INVESTING in your Wedding Photographer, but for today I will address the top 10 questions you should ask a wedding photographer before hiring them.

This is me! Hello! I’m a little weird, fun and happy… but also very professional and organized!

10 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer before hiring

1. What are your photography credentials?

I have

  • A degree in fine art with a focus on film photography. I have been in business for 10+ years.
  • Shot over 110 weddings & 700+ other clients, so I am confident in my abilities and I am experienced enough to ensure that not a moment will be missed or overlooked.
  • Am award-winning, established, and published photographer.
  • Am a photography instructor at the Desert Botanical Garden.

2. Are you a legally registered business?

  • Yes! I am a registered business in the city of Tempe and hold a state and city license.

3. What type of photographer are you, what style do you offer and what is important to you about weddings specifically? 

  • I am a full-time and full-service photographer and I am 100% invested in you & this craft. I offer photographic services, top of the line print and bind craftsman albums, professional canvases, wall art, digital files with print releases, and so much more. It also helps that I am extremely organized, professional, friendly but still fun, weird, and artistic! It’s really the best combo 🙂
  • Do not simply show up at your wedding. I love weddings from start to finish, I am involved from day one.
  • I am part of your planning. Whether it’s helping you find vendors, choosing the best time for your lighting, organizing your portrait list, understanding what dreams you have for your wedding mood and style, or working with your vendors to achieve the least stress and easy flowing day. I care so much about my clients, we tend to become friends 🙂
  • My style is very natural & journalistic. I love color, natural light, and sharp imagery, I do not use filters to batch edit, because I custom edit each shot.

4. How much coverage do I actually need? 

I always recommend at least 8 hours for a standard wedding.

The hours go quickly when you remember all the time between events, walking to areas, getting lined up for portraits, transportation, etc. Here is a VERY general idea for what each type of section will take up (this includes the time between events)

FYI I have planning sheets & pre-set portrait suggestions that will help you decide what is important, how much time you need depending on the details, number of people, types of photo breakdowns you want etc. I guide you through it all to ensure you have the least stressful day possible!

  • Bride Getting Ready Shots: 45 min-1hour
  • Detail Shots: 45 min-1hour
  • Ceremony: 45min-2hrs depending on the type of ceremony
  • Family Portraits: 30min-1hour
  • Bridal Party Portraits: 30min-1 hour
  • Bride & Groom Portraits: 45min-1.5 Hours
  • Just special events in Beginning of Reception: 1 hour
  • Full reception w/ send-off: 4-5 hours  

5. Do you have an order minimum?

  • I do have a minimum wedding or event contract agreement of $2500 (post any discounts or special deals)for Friday-Sundays during season. You may mix and match any products or services to reach that amount.
  • I also offer lifestyle & bridal portraits. There are packages for specifically please just ask for that pricing page.

6. What type of file format do you shoot in?

  • I shoot manually in the highest quality digital file type called RAW. I offer film on rare occasions as well (additional cost).

7. What is your processing workflow/how long until I see my wedding photos?

  • These RAW images need to be processed and edited before they are accessible or printable as such, for each hour of coverage, you select I spend around 8-10 hours working on your wedding or portrait session. The photos taken are carefully selected, completely edited, and delivered in an online gallery as a complete set with a pro print lab attached.
  • This process generally takes 6-8 weeks post shoot for weddings or 4-6 weeks for portraits. 
  • I also usually feature your wedding on my blog at 4-5 weeks post-wedding so you can relive the day sooner than the digitals are delivered.

8. Will I receive digital files in my price? What is included in the rate?

  • Digitals are offered as fully-edited, full-resolution, jpegs. (Digital Negatives) Includes a single non-expiring personal-use print license.
  • Prints, albums, and canvases can always be ordered post-shoot as well or you can include them in your original package so you do not have to spend more money later.

9. Can I meet you before I book? 


Just kidding!

  • Yes, I would LOVE to meet with you one on one. It’s super important to feel comfortable with your photographer and see if your personalities mesh, I will be a part of all the in-between moments and want to add life and love to your day. I am located in Tempe. I have an in-home studio where I can guide you through my photography process, show you albums, prints, and behind the scenes. Shoot me an email: hello@fullyalivephotography and ask for a consultation.

10. How do I officially book before someone else takes my date?

  • Simply go back to the pricing link and add items to your cart, either collections or al la cart, enter your info and submit it to me!
  • I will review your request, double check the date, and if available send you a contract, print release, and deposit required.
  • Your date is reserved when both the contract & deposit are received.
  • I often have many leads on popular dates and I honor whichever agreement signs and deposits first. I, unfortunately, cannot hold dates.

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