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After My Session, What’s Next?

Thanks for booking with me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my amazing clients. I want to make the process as painless as possible so let me walk you through what to expect from me.

My shoot to deliver process is a 6 step process.

This process takes between 2-8 weeks depending on how many clients I am working with and how long your shoot was. For every hour I shoot I will spend approx 15-20 hours working on your images.

So an 8-hour wedding can take 120 hours of work! A 1-hour shoot will take me 20 hours for completion. Juggle at least 4-8 clients a month and it can be a lot of wonderful work! lol.

Let me take you through the process so you know what to expect!

Step 1: CULLING: After your shoot, my assistant or I will through everything, organizing and deleting bad images.

Step 2: EDITING/EXPORTING: I select the very best images and hand edit those first and export them as high res jpegs.

Step 3: SHARING (links below):

Social Media I share those favorites as sneak peeks on Instagram & Facebook within 1-10 days of your shoot (unless you have requested otherwise)

INSTAGRAM |See a super quick sneak peek following your session.

FACEBOOK | Official Sneak Peek to share with your friends, as well as special deals & coupons!!!! 

Blog: Then I share all my favorite images on my blog with a post handwritten for you and for my readers (depending on if it’s a wedding (4-6 weeks) or lifestyle shoot (2-4 weeks)

BLOG | You’ll get a WHOLE blog spread & you can pin & share as often as you wish!

Step 4: FINAL EDITING/EXPORTING: I complete editing all the other images and convert them to high res jpegs.

Step 5: ONLINE GALLERY: I upload your fully edited, high res jpegs into your personal online gallery.

Step 6: DELIVERY: I contact you via auto Email to let you know your image gallery is in your client portal and ready for viewing, sharing, and ordering, or downloading your digitals. That email will come from Fully Alive Photography and say s” Your Photographs Are Ready” it will contain info on how to see the images. (2-8 weeks depending on the type of shoot & how busy my season is)

If you can’t remember your client portal info or get lost in that email please watch these video tutorials!

All About The Client Portal


That’s a wrap! I hope it explains the process well. Now that you know your images are not in hyperspace but being created into beautiful art, you can sit back, relax, and follow all my social media platforms eagerly awaiting sneak peeks!