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After My Session, What’s Next?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by this post. This Is Tracy writing in. I am the owner and founder of the Fully Alive Agency – We own Fully Alive Creative, Fully Alive Photography & Fully Alive Events!

And I am THRILLED you booked our agency to create content for you! Whether your shoot was for  a newborn, maternity, kids, family, branding or a wedding, we are SO glad you choose to work with us!!!

We want to make the process as painless as possible so let us walk you through what to expect from Fully Alive.

So let’s just jump in!

SHOOTS ARE A 7-8 STEP PROCESS & TAKE APPOX 2-4 weeks to complete. 

This 7-8 step process takes between 2-4 weeks depending on how many clients we are working with at the time of your shoot and how long your shoot was.  For every hour we shoot we will spend approx. 15-20 hours working on your images- so the time we take is well worth the wait!

Let us take you through the process so you know what to expect and understand the hard work we are doing behind the scenes, while you twiddle your thumbs awaiting your glorious images! 

STEP 1- Uploading, Backups & File Organization

After your shoot, an assistant or I will upload all your files to our computers and place a safety copy in a hard drive! Then we will put both cameras together and possibly devide your shoot into segments.


For Cull OUT we go through everything quickly and throw OUT bad images (usually an assistant does this portion) 

For Cull IN we go through everything left and keep the best of the best with similar images. ( sometimes a team member, sometimes Tracy)  


Tracy is always the one who then goes through all the images remaining and hand edits each photo! color correct and general edits so the photo is picture perfect! (Sometimes we 5 star our favorite images early during this stage and export them first so we can share some sneak peeks! See step 4!)


*Sometimes we have extra steps if we are ahead of schedule….this step isn’t always included, but normally something is delivered via social or a text within a week!

Social Media- Sometimes we share those favorites as sneak peeks on social media within 1-14 days of your shoot (unless you have requested otherwise) We share on INSTAGRAM which usually cross posts automatically to facebook. But we do not actually use facebook so do’t message us there! haha. 

Blog- Sometimes if we are REALLY ahead of schedule or your shoot is especially outstanding we share our favorite images on my blog with a post handwritten for you and for my readers 2-8 weeks post session. 


Did you know I shoot in Camera Raw? (not jpegs!) It’s a GIANT file format for the VERY best quality and it’s not accessible or even viewable online or via file sharing or really any other way than professional editing software (we use Adobe Bridge). So this means I actually have to edit them and THEN export them as high resolution jpegs so they can be viewed, uploaded, used & shared. So I cannot actually share images immediately for sneak peeks or send camera Raw files :( 


The last step os to get these gorgeous photos up into your gallery! This can take anywhere from 3 hours to 24 hours depending on the speed of the site, our internet, and how many images we have to upload! 


Our system will contact you via auto Email to let you know your image gallery is in your client portal and ready for viewing, sharing, and ordering, or downloading your digitals. That email will come from Fully Alive Photography and sometimes goes to junk! So approve our email address!

This email will contain info on how to access the online gallery!


Optional Step 8: Retouching….

Some packages include additional retouching outside of our normal editing process (which is photoshop work- like eye brightening, slimming, wrinkle reduction on clothing or skin, spot remove etc.  too!) These types of retouches are not included in any normal edit as they are VERY personal preference and we believe our clients are GORGEOUS the way they are. We love self love over here but if you want something special we are HERE for you! No judgement ever. Just let us know your needs and if it’s included in your package (usually some is included in memberships & a few high level branding packages) or you can pay al-la-cart for retouching services post shoot at any time.

Just let us know those image file numbers you need retouched and what you want done to them! 

That’s a wrap!

I hope it explains the process well. 

Now that you know your images are not in hyperspace but being created into beautiful art, you can sit back, relax, and follow all my social media platforms eagerly awaiting sneak peeks!


Tracy & The Fully Alive Team