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If you are an entrepreneur you might already know that a strong online presence, brand awareness, and creative content is essential to your marketing and growth strategy.

Did you know that beautiful quality photography, branding workshops, good design, and business education can help you grow exponentially?

I offer everything you need to launch a new business or simply grow the one you have!


An editorial-styled fresh approach to creative business photography. I call this a “Creative Content” shoot. I have subscription-based memberships ranging from quarterly to monthly options to help you save money and keep your presence fresh! I also offer stand alone sessions for those needing a one time project. This is a lifestyle editorial session NOT your traditional headshot and studio work. It is meant to capture your heart, spirit, personality, products, and passions, all while branding you and helping you show up for your readers/clients. I help you convey your essence to your audience. 


Helping you make your craft and dreams into a small business is what I LIVE for! I am passionate about people loving and living their lives to the fullest. No matter what stage you are in on your freelance career I have loads of information for you. I offer a class/workshop specifically designed to give you a basic understanding of how to grow a business from the ground up. With 11+ years of experience a successful freelance photographer and business owner, I am incredibly gifted at time management, strategy, and business know-how. I really love structure and regiment, but yet I’m creative. This is an excellent combo for helping others understand legal hoops you will jump through, registration, copyright, taxes, branding, social media, advertising, photography, and MUCH more in simple down to earth everyday language. 

So whether you are a model starting your career, a photographer launching your dreams, a creative taking that hobby and turning it into income, or a seasoned professional that needs a fresh new look here is your one-stop shop for creative packages to give life to you and your career.