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Finding Joy Has LAUNCHED

Fully Alive Finding Joy has LAUNCHED with a fresh LAUNCH course and is officially available for everyone!

It’s time.

It’s time for me to GROW my business into something more hense the title: Fully Alive Finding Joy LAUNCH.

I have officially created Fully Alive Finding Joy!!! This is my new educational brand built from the ground up from my experience of 12 years of founding, owning and operating a successful small business!

This is my mini celebration of my NEW brand and business Fully Alive Finding Joy and my officially first course “LAUNCH” ((((I have a new website coming soon but for now you can access this brand under my EDUCATION tab on my website.))))

What many people don’t know is I have slowly launched (pun on words intended) a workshop/seminar called LAUNCH.

I have been teaching this class for several years but I have never promoted or offered it publicly. I’ve been living in FEAR. I know I have something to offer and I’ve even done it already!!!! I have helped 11 small businesses and/or non-profits launch themselves as entrepreneurs.

So I ask myself WHY?

Well….I have been primarily a photographer for 12 years. I am comfortable here. I’m no longer afraid here. I believe my photography truly helps people be fully alive and find joy in their lives- whether it’s content for their businesses, coverage of their wedding, or photos of their newborn baby. ( I have no intention of ending my photography business) But I am living out my purpose in a small safe space… I am encouraging, loving and uplifting my clients. But I want more. I can help more!

I have a voice- I’ve been terrified of, self-doubted and crushed. It’s time I do something about that. Take the scary leap.

It’s time to stop letting fear of being an imposter hold me back from living a bigger dream and empowering countless people. (Did I mention I’m quivering in my knees and thinking of throwing up while I’m typing this)

Everyone has a voice right? Everyone has something to offer and there’s always people that can learn from me. This is the truth. I’ve learned so much in 12 years of owning my business. There is always SOMEONE to share my wealth of knowledge with – someone that I can encourage and empower! I can’t let the fear hold me back from doing this.

SO IT IS TIME in 2020 to LAUNCH myself as a know voice in the entrepreneurial world and be fully alive finding joy doing it!

I’m going to start expanding and promoting and talking about more is my Finding Joy Brand starting with my LAUNCH course.

I have a voice and I desperately want to use it to empower and influence those around me to take action and find joy in their lives. 

So HERE. This is me officially announcing that I am branching out into my tagline “Fully Alive Finding Joy” My tagline really encompasses everything that I’m about-Creating a space for people to be fully alive and find joy! 

Please follow me in my journey and tell everyone you meet that I am offering my voice to the world!


To LEARN MORE about my education and photography options check out what I’m offering HERE: FULLY ALIVE CONTENT AND EDUCATION INFO

Thanks for being a part of my journey- I hope to be a part of yours!

Fully Alive Finding Joy Has LAUNCHED