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Fully Alive Photography Meet The Founder Tracy Ann Battaglia

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Fully Alive Photography Meet The Founder Tracy Ann Battaglia

I use to have a very long about me page on my website. But sometimes that can be overwhelming for viewers! So there is no better place for a long bio than a blog post! So here you go! More about me!

Let’s start it off right, and give you the low down:

Fully Alive Photography was named for my deep desire to help those around me find and embrace beauty, joy, and adventure in their lives.

I am passionate about helping others feel empowered and confident- through creative content photography, small business education, and through my voice itself – So HELLO!

My name is Tracy Ann, and I am a farm town raised Illinois girl with a southwest heart, and I must confess I am a complete nerd about Harry Potter.

SERIOUSLY. I am all too in LOVE with the wonderful, magical, and adventurous story that unfolds before me. Story telling you guys! SO GOOD. 

NERDY NOTE: I am a Ravenclaw. I value structure, wisdom and personal delevolpment. I am a lover of administration and strategy …I’ll task the hell out of you if you come near me. (My husband has learned to stay away when I’m in work/task mode)

When I’m not nerding out about Harry Potter, I also enjoy other things. LIKE…

  • Dirt. Being outdoors and working with my hands, I love it! Yard work, gardening, building things. You can often find me building things like desks or shelves out of wood or adobe-ing a wall.
  • Fashion, Puzzles, chocolate cake, street tacos, Thai food, and espresso. Like- straight up black espresso. All day. Every Day. I switch to decaf at 11 am. Because I’m disciplined as heck.
  • Podcasts, personal development, and young adult post-apocalyptic fiction books. (There are massive collections of fantastic young adult magical and dystopian future novels to be enjoyed out there. Email if you want my list of favorites!)
  • My Family. I have been married to my best friend Nate for 12 years.  He is really a lot of fun to be around, full of personality, imagination, wisdom and just the right amount of humor. We have a little one around the house. Mateo is our miracle baby. What a joy he brings to our lives. He is strong-willed and challenges me. This has built my patience and tolerance for insanity. He is a bundle of energy, which keeps me on my toes, he is kind and creative. The best combo of perfectly wild and cuddly. I’m more than excited to be here helping to shape the kind of man he will become. 
Tracy Ann Battaglia Founder Of Fully Alive Photography More About Me
I love fashion too!



Love wins. Every Time. His love over and over again rescues me. I would be a fool to say I am not WHO I am because of him and his great love for me. He is the reason for my moral compass and every decision I make in my life.

Speaking of morals- I value kindness above all else. 

So living my life in the way that Jesus laid his out for us is always going to be my go to. Not to say I’m not totally mean sometimes. I mean we all have off days.  

Even with the many times the Bible has unfortunately been misinterpreted to support racism, bigotry, hated, and patriarchal systems.

I believe these systems and the church in general has mis-interpreted the scriptures- well because we are human. We make mistakes and crave power. It’s a flaw but not the end story. If we LOOK at the STORY OF GOD and Jesus, we find that it’s simple.

He came to give us life, not just any life but the best life we can live, to be fully alive- here and now. To be connected in a deeper way. To be living a grateful, focused, and purposeful life. Not longing for an unknown future or missing out on life but finding joy now. So we struggle through- because let’s get real. LIFE IS HARD.  To get through the hard things, I do what I can daily to fight for joy, seek out beauty, share love, get angry and take action against injustice, and be fully alive and fully known by those close to my heart.

Tracy Ann Battaglia Founder Of Fully Alive Photography More About Me


I aim to empower people by helping them feel confident, joyful, beautiful, authentic and fully alive through my creative lifestyle photography, educational workshops, and my voice itself.  

As a professional photographer based in Arizona, my authentic approach is to simply show up every day as I am, a mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, educator and harry potter fanatic. This is who I am and I strive to let it bleed into my career and into my clients lives. As such, they can also let go and live life to the fullest.

Fully Alive Photography, Founded in 2007

After graduating with a degree in film photography I founded Fully Alive Photography with the moto of seeking joy and finding beauty. Since the beginning I have been focused on empowering others and calling out authenticity through my creative process. 

Since establishing my business I have had the great honor of photographing everything from magazine covers, editorials, events and weddings—to maternity, newborns, families, kids, and graduates. As a lifestyle photographer, I love the fast-paced creative process of capturing pure emotions and beauty in my clients. One of my favorite offerings is creative content.

Getting your photo taken doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. 

Everyone deserves to have fun, let loose, and focus for their true authentic beauty—to feel loved, celebrated, and known. But that only happens when you can trust that your photographer has your best interest at heart. And every time, I do have your best interest—and your best angle—at heart! I bring together your most flattering angles, the best light, and your honest emotions to empower you with joy and life.

Creative Content Photography for Branding and Social Media

Branding photography, or creative content photography, is the key to helping your business stand out. Showing up for your followers and customers in an authentic way is more important than ever. As such, your product—your passion—is a story waiting to be told. And providing the images that tell that story is the difference between seeing your business make a profit—or seeing it fall by the wayside. 

I empower entrepreneurs and business owners by creating unique and authentic content for businesses, blogs, and marketing. With photography packages that fit every budget—from monthly or quarterly membership services, to stand-alone collections—creative content is much more than the traditional headshot of the past. Membership services provide you with affordable, fresh content that strengthens your brand, establishes your media presence, and shows off the best of who you are and what you offer the world!  

My creative content clients say I’m fun, full of energy, and joyful—and that I’ve empowered them by creating a safe place to have fun and relax. And that’s exactly why I do what I do. 

Empowering People through Classes and Education

Last but not leasts, I am an educator. As a recognized leader in the industry, I teach photography courses at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. I also offer my specialized and self designed LAUNCH course, a small-business kick-start workshop for entrepreneurs and creatives eager to turn their passion into a business.  I am currently preparing these classes to be available worldwide as online classes!

Why do I do this? Fresh out of art school, I had no business know-how. Building my business was an exercise in trial and error that cost me headaches and tears. I created this class to take the struggle out of the process for others. In the workshop, I break down the barriers to success, simplify the startup process, and empower others to bring their passions to life. 

For even more information about my nerdy self enjoy these posts:(Birthday) & (10 Years Strong) 

Take the leap with me—and discover your beauty and joy that’s just waiting to be empowered! 

Support me in my mission by following my creative process.






Fully Alive Photography Meet The Founder Tracy Ann Battaglia