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Lifestyle Photography FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of photographer are you, what style do you offer, and what is important to you about lifestyle photography specifically? 

  • I am a lifestyle photographer. I care about Present OVER Perfect! 

Meaning my style is focused on personality, relationships, and the moments in between. My skills stand me a part from many “portrait photographers” in that I’m all about photographing the journalistic lifestyle moments. I want to capture the personality of your family and the time of life with your children. Snuggling, walking, playing, laughing. I value those moments over the posed smiling perfect photo. That being said, I do help pose you and create flattering well-composed photos and a few smiling classic family portraits during your session. The kids usually warm up halfway into the session. This is why my packages start with One hour of coverage. It takes a lot of journalism and letting the children settle into the idea of being behind the camera before we get those classic looking at the camera images. But the journalistic moments I capture before then, most families fall in love with those the most. A rushed session is rarely best for kids. It’s a lot of pressure and takes out the fun!

  • I do not simply show up – I help plan as much as you want me to.

I have TONS of resources that will be sent once you book with me covering everything on what to wear, how to prepare, and including Pinterest boards and suggestions! You can even text me outfit ideas!

So whether it’s helping you choose the best time for your lighting, the best location for your style and mood, outfits, organizing your portrait list, and understanding what dreams you have for your session I am there. I want your session to be stress-free and easy flowing. I chat with children involved before starting so they feel comfortable and involved in the process as well. I care so much about my clients, we tend to become friends 🙂

  • My style is very natural & journalistic.

I love the use of color, bright and airy natural light, and sharp imagery. I do not use filters to batch edit. I custom edit each shot.

  • I am a full-time and full-service photographer.

This is my life! I’m 100% invest in you & this craft. I offer photographic services, top of the line print and bind craftsman albums, professional canvases, wall art, digital files with print releases, and so much more. It also helps that I am extremely organized, professional, friendly but still fun, weird, and artistic! It’s really the best combo 🙂

Do you have an order minimum & what is your pricing?

  • I charge a base rate for a basic lifestyle session. It’s one hour of coverage. This rate includes the session, editing, and digital files. You can add time if wanted. You also receive an cloud based gallery with printing options included in the rate. You can share this gallery with family or friends. You can also add on prints, canvases, albums, or travel to your session for additional rates.
  • I do not have a min order for families & lifestyle shoots. That being said my sessions start with one hour of coverage.
  • If you really need a shorter shoot for young children I do occasionally allow a 30 min mini session. But remember it can take awhile for kids to warm up to me so the longer you have me the higher the chances are the end of the shoot images will be the very best smiles! Please let me know if you need that, but availability is limited and only offered in less busy seasons. I suggest waiting for my once a year holiday mini sessions for this type of session.

What type of file format do you shoot in?

  • I shoot manually in the highest quality digital file type called RAW. I offer film on rare occasions as well (additional cost).

What is your processing workflow/how long until I see photos?

  • These RAW images need to be processed and edited before they are accessible or printable as such, for each hour of coverage, you select I spend around 10+  hours working on your session. The photos taken are carefully selected, completely edited, and delivered in an online gallery as a complete set with a pro print lab attached.
  • This process can generally take 3-6 weeks post shoot depending on how busy my season is.
  • Sometimes I will feature your session on my blog at 1-2 weeks so keep posted or subscribe to RSS to get an email when I post new features. You might be able to get a sneak peek!

Will I receive digital files or just prints with my coverage?

  • Digitals are offered as fully-edited, full-resolution, jpegs. (Referred To As Digital Negatives)
  • Includes a single non-expiring personal-use print license.
  • Prints, albums, and canvases can always be ordered post-shoot as well or you can include them in your original package so you do not have to spend more money later.
  • Extra Photoshop retouching is available upon request for an hourly rate.

What are your photography credentials?

  • I have a degree in fine art with a focus on film photography. I have been in business for 10+ years.
  • I have shot over 110 weddings & 700+ other various clients, so I am confident in my abilities and I am experienced enough to ensure that not a moment will be missed or overlooked.
  • I am an award-winning, established, and published photographer.
  • I am a photography instructor at the Desert Botanical Garden.

Are you a legally registered business?

  • Yes! I am a registered business in the city of Tempe and hold a state and city license.

Can I meet you before I book? 


Just kidding!

Yes, I would LOVE to meet with you one on one. It’s super important to feel comfortable with your photographer and see if your personalities mesh.  I am located in Tempe near the 60 and 101 intersections. I have an in-home studio where I can guide you through my photography process, show you albums, prints, and behind the scenes OR we can also meet at a local Starbucks in Tempe if you want a cup of coffee. Many of my clients live out of state so I do not meet them I am more than happy to find any other way to chat, phone, video chat, etc.

Shoot me an email: hello@fullyalivephotography and ask for a consultation.

Availability & How do I officially book before someone else takes my date?

  • My weekend dates are rarely available during weddings season. (Sept-May)
  • I usually offer morning sessions  2-3 hours after sunrise or afternoon shoots about 2 hours before sunset. I love this lighting and it lends a lot to my creative style.
  • To Book: Go back to the booking page & add items to your cart, enter your info and submit it to me!
  • I will review your request, double check the date, and if available send you a contract, print release, and deposit required.
  • Your date is reserved when both the contract & deposit are received.I often have many leads on popular dates and I honor whichever agreement signs and deposits first. I, unfortunately, cannot hold dates.


Thanks SO much, I hope we get to work together!