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Special Events FAQ


Thank you so much for stopping by. Below is some really useful information I believe every client should know about their photographer. While many clients never meet me until the day of the event I want them to feel as though they have known me forever and know what to expect. I am also available to meet with you! Email me:

This is me! Hello! I’m a little weird, fun and happy… but also very professional and ON point!

Below are my FAQ’s

What are your photography credentials and experience in the field?

I have a degree in film photography

11 years of experience

I have shot 120 weddings & ceremonies and over 600 other events & portraits. 

I teach photography education at the desert botanical garden and small business startup classes.

Are you a legally registered business? 


I am registered in the city of Tempe, state of Arizona, and Maricopa County. I do charge a small sales tax on a portion of your invoice since I am considered a retail business in Arizona. 

What type of photographer are you, what style do you offer and what is important to you about events specifically?

I am a journalist photographer.

I am very skilled at capturing not only posed portraits but specifically the mood & emotion of your event.

I love people & action!  I am very friendly so people feel less intruded on when I am shooting coverage. 

Many event photographers just capture the basics of what is needed, but I am always looking around the room to capture the mood & all the activities happening. I am paying attention so that I don’t miss a thing!  

How much coverage do I actually need? 

This depends on your event. I have shot ceremonies & awards that are just an hour & I have week-long events.

Most events are between 3-6 hours.

Please remember you might want ceremonies, portraits, and detail photography so we want to schedule enough time for those to be captured. 

Do you have an order minimum?

Yes, my minimum is an hour of coverage for $500.

Most weekends are reserved for a minimum of a 4 hours event @$2000.

This is because I spend approximately 10 hours working for an hour-long event and weekends are prime wedding dates.

What type of file format do you shoot in & how long is the process?

I shoot manually in RAW and then do basic needed editing & convert to jpegs. For every hour I shoot I spend an average of 10 hours on your editing process.

So an hour event will take me about a week, longer events can take me up to 6 weeks. I handle about 60 clients a year so this also depends on our workflow at the time of your event. 

How do I officially book before someone else takes my date?

  • Simply go back to the pricing link and add items to your cart, enter your info and submit it to me!
  • I will review your request, double check the date, and if available send you a contract, print release, and deposit required.
  • Your date is reserved when both the contract & deposit are received.
  • I often have many leads on popular dates and I honor whichever agreement signs and deposits first. I, unfortunately, cannot hold dates.