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Fully Alive Photography | Texas Destination Wedding Photographer {Mike + Sarah}

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May 4, 2013


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Hi there! Welcome to the Fully Alive Photography blog, a journal about our clients, shoots, and my own personal life. Stay a while and say hello!

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Fully Alive Photography is happy to show off yet another destination wedding! Hello Texas- Hello Longhorns! Hello mansions – hello tulips.

I have known Sarah for quite a few years now, having met at our old campus church Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Sarah contacted me when she first got engaged with tremendous praises for my work saying it’s a destination wedding but I’ve GOT to have you! I’ve been following your work & I want your eye for detail. I couldn’t be more honored & pleased & excited to shoot my friends wedding down in the Dallas Texas greater area!!!!!!

The location was actually Krum Texas (right outside of Denton) at this absolutely fantastic place called The Milestone- an ABSOUTLY breathtaking mansion in the Texas countryside!

The planner for this location was most friendly & helpful (which I feel is rare sometimes sadly) She had everything together as well & it was a great experience shooting there.

Take a tip from Sarah’s hard work & ability to dream big. Have the wedding where you want it! Where it’s going to be special not just the reception hall closest to your home. It’s the most special day of your life & your dreams should come true. Sarah did a phenomenal job picking details, and making beautiful centerpieces, and planning the day to the T. You will not regret the decision to have your wedding where you want it & most professional photographers travel (at least I do) so hire me & bring me with!!!! Lol. Also think about all the special touches sarah put in. Her names matched her shoes, her dress had the lovely initials wound into the frame, the getting ready location was sunlight & beautiful, the flowers engaged the colors of the bridesmaids dresses, the location was to die for, every single detail was planned & perfected. Everything was a magical fairytale & I just love shooting weddings with a vision!

Thanks again & congrats to Sarah + Mike!

See ya’ll again next week with Sarah’s exciting Trash The Dress session shot at the Longhorn Ranch in the Stockyards of Fort Worth…. coming soon!

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I also had the honor of working with a second shooter in the area. I will edit & post some of her images soon! I am more than excited to see what other perspectives she captured.


I’m back with more treats! So I had this fantastic experience finding & working with a second shooter in another state. Generally my husband Nate does second shooting for my weddings but this time I was worried sick that Mateo (my 1 year old) would be with a stranger all day & finding someone to do the hours I was shooting was proving it’self quite difficult. So I decided to see what other pros had to say on the subject on my pro wedding photography forum the DWF. The was referred to a site well know for posting of photographers in areas willing to second shoot. So I headed to the site & low & behold found a second shooter in the Denton area!

I contacted Maegan & was pleasantly surprised by her sweet demeanor & willingness to work with me! Her work proved consistant & similar to my style so I hired her! It was a great idea & I’m so happy that I did! Also I’m super excited about Maegan’s use of slow sync flash during the dancing so that we could provide the client with different styles of reception photography! They turned out really great!

A big shout out & thank you, here are some of the shots that Maegan got from different perspectives at this super fun wedding!


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