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Valentines Special Bringing Sexy Back Boudoir for Women Empowerment

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December 19, 2018


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When my 6-year-old son overheard the word “sexy” and wondered what it meant I decided on “to be confident and comfortable with your own body” Someone once told me something along those lines and it stood out to me as incredibly truthful and insightful, so there wasn’t a better answer.

Valentines Special Bringing Sexy Back Boudoir for Women Empowerment

I believe we were created so wonderfully, and no offence men, but women we are really incredibly designed. Our curves, our natural beauty. We are the fairer sex for sure. lol.

One of the main drives as a photographer is to help my clients view themselves through beautiful, confident, and kind eyes. So what can be more creatively inspiring than boudoir photography?

Media in our day and age often (but it’s chanign yall!) sets up unrealistic expectations for women and often objectifies us. Boudoir photography is often misunderstood as over the top sexy photos only for the “model body type” and extremely “beautiful”. This is a lie. That is NOT what is about. 

It’s about self-love. We are the change we want to see!

There is nothing more empowering then celebrating your confidence and comfortability with your own body than this type of session.

Now I know it’s incredibly vulnerable to get half naked with someone other than your significant other and take photos. Heck is terrifying to most to be fully clothed in front of the camera! hahaha. 

But this will be one of the most fearless and empowering things you will ever do as a woman. To say “I am beautiful and comfortable with my body and who I am and I’m going to celebrate this” is the bravest thing you can do. It’s SEXY!

Am I right? Confidence is better than “cultural expectations”

We are bringing sexy back at Fully Alive Photography by offering an all-day pre-Valentines boudoir marathon.

I am going to book at least 5 women on Wednesday January 16th 2019 so I can afford to make the packages significantly cheaper. Both Corinna (makeup artist) & I are going cheaper in hopes of making this possible for as many ladies as we can! 

Can’t Wait and Read More? lol. READY TOO BOOK RIGHT NOW? Here is the link.

Each session is an all-inclusive experience. This totally relaxing girls day of pampering & photos will include the below items.

One Hour Photoshoot -with yours truly

No need to worry, I help you feel comfortable & confident. You can truly relax because I am a master at finding flattering positions and light for every body type.

2 Outfits

I suggest thigh high socks & a loose off the shoulder sweater paired with lacy panties  & then your favorite lingerie FYI teddies & lacy rompers are totally IN and flattering! You will have a choice of indoor space or outdoor… or half & half! This session will be hosted in my home and I have a pretty private yard with a beautiful euclyptus adorned moon gate. 

Need outfit ideas? I have a pinterest board for that!

A beautiful 8×6 linen flatlay album 

This gorgeous album will showcase the top 20-35 images from your shoot laid out in a beautiful design. Just slip this into your safe or significant others drawer on Valentines. 

Gorgeous airbrush makeup & lashes with the talented Corinna Cooke

Check her out

Corinna is the leading lady in makeup  & skin care! With training in London & long-term professional standing in the hotspot of the film & magazine industry, an enchanting new Zealand accent, and stories to make you giggle for hours, she’s the package deal!

Snacks & Drinks

Veggies, hummus, crackers, and more! Wine, Mimosas, or non-alcoholic beverage- because pregnant boudoirs are welcome!

This session package usually runs $1200, but I am offering is for $700! This is the best boudoir deal you wil find and it’s because you are worth it!

Here are some images of the space!

Valentines Special Bringing Sexy Back Boudoir for Women Empowerment
Indoor Space
Valentines Special Bringing Sexy Back Boudoir for Women Empowerment
Lot’s Of Beautiful Props
Valentines Special Bringing Sexy Back Boudoir for Women Empowerment
Pillows Are The Woman’s Best Friend! lol
Valentines Special Bringing Sexy Back Boudoir for Women Empowerment
My outdoor space is very private. I have a rug we will use as well. Most women would choose their wedding dress, or a modest romper, lacy set with robe, or cut off shorts & bralette, OR swimsuit! Thank goodness we live in Arizona and it’s just not too cold! 

Consider yourself worth it and celebrate your sexy, confident, and brave self!

Book your slot today!


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