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Fully Alive Photography | Bloomington Birth Photographer {Xander Dale – A Birth Story}

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September 12, 2013


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I have been fantastically blessed to engage in such a miracle. Birth is truly one of the most marvelous events that takes place in life.


I recently met Sasha & we became instant friends. You can read more about this unique situation —-where her beloved husband {Ryan} & his service in Afghanistan kept him from being present for Sasha’s pregnancy & the birth –in my first post {Dale Maternity}.


Sasha & Ryan are thankful for advanced technology as Ryan was able to take part of Xander’s birth via the facetime feature on ipads & apple devices. I am thankful for digital cameras that have shutter release times that Ansel Adams would die for. To capture EVERY single moment! It must have felt like the paparazzi was present.


A giant congratulations to Sasha & her hard work breathing her way through intense contractions & her marathon of pushing to get Xander into her arms. I’m amazed by her strength & courage! What a woman! Congratulations to Ryan & everyone send a prayer for his safe departure from Afghanistan & return trip home this October. I bet he’s anxious & excited to hold his precious firstborn soon!


Thank you Sasha for the opportunity to be there to witness this fantastic event in your life. I think we are blood sisters now…

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  1. Kelly Summers says:

    These pics r so awesome they brought tears to my eyes its just amazing how Ryan got to see it all

  2. Felicia says:

    Sash, eventhough you showed me these earlier today, I just looked at them again @ home on a bigger screen, I am just sitting here in tears @ how Beautiful these are………PRICELESS!!!#Lovethem

  3. ale stone says:

    Im so very happy for you!!! This is just beautiful! !!! Congrats again! !! You go girl!!!!

  4. Eiileen E says:

    Awesome Pictures Sasha…and to your photographer also!! Very precious! Congratulations again!!! xoxo

  5. Ashley S says:

    Sals!!! This is so amazing! The picture with the tear in corner of your eye !!! Love

  6. Kristine Hilke says:

    Sasha, I was in tears reading and looking at these photos. This is amazing. You and Ryan are so incredibly blessed and I am so happy for the both of you. Just absolutely amazed with this. Congratulations you guys. and Fully Alive Photography did an amazing job.I hope one day my buisness is booming like theirs and like yours (Sashas) is. Again Congratulations you guys!!! So beautiful!

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