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All About The Cover {As Seen on Phoenix Bride & Groom}

Bridal, Styled

June 30, 2016


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It’s ALL about the cover and I’m over the moon!!!!! I cannot believe I was asked to photograph the cover shoot and editorial for the Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine– Summer Fall 2016 Issue.  When I got the call from the ever amazing and sweet Fran I had to contain my giggles and little joy leaps. I can’t think of a better honor in my industry, than to be apart of something so very amazing.

What a fun idea she had too! Spend a day with a darling blue golf cart, the beautiful wigwam, breathtaking models,gorgeous dresses,an uplifting and joyful team, and some seriously talented vendors? YES, PLEASE!

So, that’s exactly what we did. The sweetest day of just enjoying the property and getting to know one another better, not to mention working with professional models! That’s a new one for me. I’ve been so lucky to have seriously drop dead gorgeous friends willing to model for me, but this was a whole new world. I mean I hardly had to direct them! Allie just smiled and laughed so naturally. I say “stand”, she stands elegantly, I say “twirl” and she gracefully fluffs her skirts with a perfect spin! The same goes with laugh, smile, be demure, and on and on!  Seriously she was so much fun to work with! Not only is she stunning, she’s also kind, personable, and incredibly gifted with being natural in front of the lens. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I just loved the team so much and any time spent with Fran,Kristen, and Dawn is indeed a good day. I am so very honored to be apart of such an amazing magazine and community of vendors. The experience has been life giving and I’m super excited to start preparing for my next editorial because I just love them now!

Please stay tuned by filling out your info on the “Stay Tuned” box on the right. That way you will know when I post the next two segments from this shoot.

So are you ready to see more shots from this simply gorgeous shoot?

Let’s get to it! Let’s fall in love with Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine!

Fully Alive Photography | Editorial Fully Alive Photography | Editorial Fully Alive Photography | Editorial

{On the Cover}

Fully Alive Photography | EditorialFully Alive Photography | EditorialFully Alive Photography | EditorialFully Alive Photography | EditorialFully Alive Photography | Editorial

{Your Day To Shine}

“Hair and Makeup To Last All Day”

Fully Alive Photography | Lifestyle SessionsFully Alive Photography | Lifestyle SessionsFully Alive Photography | Lifestyle Sessions

Can’t wait to see more?

Stay tuned because shortly I will be featuring {The Bridal Fashion Book -For Best Friends} and then soon I’ll do another feature on {The Bridal Fashion Book-Gorgeous and Grand} to wrap it all up! Please sign up for alerts(fill out the box on the right)  and you’ll see them when they go live!

As Seen In Phoenix Bride & Groom

The Wigwam

makeup artist: Linda Wagner

floral design: Butterfly Petals

dresses: Schaffer’s Bridal

dresses: Mariée

dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

photographer: Fully Alive Photography

hair stylist: Amber Tillinghast,

golf cart:Golf Cart Parts Company,

models: Allie – The Agency Arizona


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