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Passing the Torch – The Kid Generation of Portrait Photographers

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June 11, 2024


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Passing the Torch – The Kid Generation of Portrait Photographers

Passing the Torch – The Kid Generation of Portrait Photographers

Teaching my son the art of portrait & lifestyle photography has been an experience in training that began years ago but increased significantly over the covid “everyone is already up in each others space” years.

He was just shy of turning 8 when I figured it was time to start teaching him how to better take my photos for my business because it was better than a tri-pod, gave us some together time, and provided a change for him to learn a valuable skill! I had taught him the basics of shutter button and the basics of composition when he was just 5 or 6 years old but now he was tall enough to get more flatter angles and I needed the help! haha.

I started again with setting all the lighting for camera RAW (all my settings – white balance, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed) and then teaching him the half hold and shift method for center focusing. Kept reminding him composition tips and steadyness with shooting balanced.

Recently, we had the perfect opportunity to put his new skills to the test by photographing his best friend, who is also 11, for her dog walking business and budding acting/modeling career.

We transformed our garage into a mini studio, complete with a white paper backdrop and soft, indirect natural light. This created a professional yet relaxed environment for the shoot. I set up all the camera settings, explaining the importance of manual focus again and making sure her eyes were the sharpest point for the perfect shot.

With the technical aspects covered, it was time to have some fun. We encouraged his friend to try different poses, making sure she felt comfortable and natural. My son took charge, experimenting with angles and compositions, all while learning the delicate art of directing a photoshoot.

Throughout the session, I provided guidance and tips, and took over the camera a few times ensuring he understood the nuances of portrait photography but we also had some solid shots.

It was incredible to see his confidence grow as he adjusted the camera and framed each shot with increasing precision.

Passing the Torch – The Kid Generation of Portrait Photographers

The photos turned out beautifully, capturing both professional headshots and charming portraits for her dog walking business. As his interest in photography deepens, my son is eager to continue learning and improving. Under my direction and with my editing skills, he’s already showing promise and will soon be open for business, taking on new projects with enthusiasm and creativity.

So if your kid needs my kid to take some portraits… we are an email away. haha.

Passing the Torch – The Kid Generation of Portrait Photographers
Passing the Torch – The Kid Generation of Portrait Photographers

This experience not only brought us closer together but also allowed me to share my passion for photography with my son, passing the torch to the next generation and fostering his creativity while equipping him with valuable skills for the future.

Passing the Torch – The Kid Generation of Portrait Photographers

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