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Gender Reveal DIY Baby Shower Inspiration

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June 30, 2017


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April Showers |  Styled Baby Shower and Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal DIY Baby Shower Inspiration

Personal blog post time! I rarely post personal things here but I feel like this crosses over and totally deserves a post. My new but dear friend April is having a BABY! See, a totally worthy cause for blogging 🙂

April is such an honest and free person. I love that she is always asking questions, always open to new ideas and thoughts, seeking Jesus in a radical way, and blessing everyone she meets. She is going to be such an amazing mother. Tender, vulnerable, healthy, and faithful.

This shower was super fun because I got to meet most of her friends and help plan and cover decorating! I LOVE making spaces beautiful. It was simple to design and plan the decor because April has a style that is easy for me because I love it too!

Let’s talk inspiration!

The Look:

We went with a very simple tea party theme. It was clean and airy with white and gold and purple/pink accents with fresh eucalyptus in Lisa’s beautiful back yard. I used twine between the two trees to string the eucalyptus curtain. I also used a thin twine to attach the pieces to each other in a layer. The eucalyptus was the hardest because it’s actually incredibly heavy and I kept breaking the twine rope! I cut it off the trees the night before and it held up really well! So totally free other than the twine and tools. We didn’t know the gender until mid-party so I wanted to decorate more towards April’s natural favorites. I researched plastic wear that looked fancier but more affordable than real china. Believe it or not the plates and dinnerwear is ALL plastic! The tea cups are mine and Lisa’s combined to make the tablescape prettier. We were also going to make place cards with recycled kraft paper but ran out of time! lol. The chalkboard signs and bookshelf for baby books were an easy addition. Lisa came up with all the games and put them together. So cute right?

The Treats:

April’s mom handled the food. April wanted a healthy breakfast burrito spread ( I didn’t take photos of this but it was YUMMY) and she purchased most of the food and fruit at costco.  Then this super healthy and yummy cake by Sweet Asylum Bakery and Treats is actually gf, vegan, with non-refined sugar. It’s vanilla with chocolate avocado icing. April is a very healthy eater but def wanted a delicious treat so Lisa researched a lot of local bakeries to handle this project. AMAZING right????

The Gender Reveal:

This was all April’s idea and Lisa made it all from scratch! She created the box with either blue or pink variety of confetti and balloons with a pull string. Her hubby climbed up in the tree and used twine to attach it. The hilarious part is April pulled the whole box down instead of the lid opening. haha. Next time tying it together! We made it work, however 🙂

We found an easy and affordable way to make a backyard tea party setting and we blessed April!

Hope you can be inspired by April’s shower 🙂 and celebrate this baby girl in her tummy with us.

Not the best photo propped on a chair and suitcase while I mad ea mad dash to get in the photo, but here we all are! HAHA. 

Love you April!

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