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Artisan Crafted Greater Chicago Wedding


August 6, 2017


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Barney + Kate. A gorgeous artisan crafted Imago Studios Wedding in Greater Chicago

Artisan Crafted Greater Chicago Wedding

This blog post is challenging to write, simply because I don’t know where to stop and where to start with all my love. This wedding is so special to me because these people are special. I’ve been sharing bits on Instagram as I have been in the editing process and each and every one has brought a smile to my face.

Barney (the groom) has been a source of joy, honesty, vulnerability, and present of Jesus in my and my husband’s life for over 10 years. I have watched him be there for the people I love most in this world. He was in our wedding 10 years ago. Most of the groomsmen were in our wedding as well, and one of them was the groom!  Yeah, my husband, Nate is the best looking one in the bunch, he’s easy to spot. lol. This group is so special to us.

Another joy for us is to welcome Kate into our community of friends, as she is lovely inside and out.  I know we can become close even though half a country apart and I am sure they are friends for a lifetime. They are the sort of people you want to surround yourself with, uplifting, truthful, hilarious, and beautiful. We are blessed to call them friends.


Now maybe a little about this gorgeous wedding style right?

Kate and Barney planned their wedding at an art gallery called Imago Creative Studios. Imago is a creative gallery with a gorgeous floor to ceiling brick, wood, concrete, and metal interior. Everything is so unique, and yet simple. I love the mix of wood, eucalyptus, canvas, and homemade wines & beers. Everything was incredibly creative and modern.

Most noteworthy, besides the uniqueness of this event, is the fantastic company. Friends and family were the same this day, there was so much love and closeness. That being said, this wedding was the highlight of my season!

Enjoy my favorite images to recap the amazing day.

This wedding is not complete without wheat for sheep! A good game of settlers is just what they need to kill the before ceremony jitters! 

Artisan Crafted Greater Chicago Wedding

Crafted from Craftsmen

I would like to take some time to talk about the amazing beverages and people that made them!

The LaForge have grown an amazing vineyard over the years and offer handcrafted specialty wines. The wine at the wedding was all made by them! Check out their page at the bottom of the post for more info into ordering your batch today!

The beer was also handcrafted by friends at Worlds End Brewing by Josh Barker and Robert Gottlieb. Delicious!

Then to top it all off Kate’s (the bride) brother Josh Kulchar is a professional graphic designer and created all the labels for the beer and wine! Aren’t they amazing? If you are looking to make your wedding creative and embrace your style then reach out to Josh for all your graphic needs! Find his info at the bottom of the vendor list as well.

I love favors that give back. Check out Fields of Hope to see what Kate & Barney are passionate about. 

Want to see more unique weddings? Check out my recent wedding list!

Meet Kate & Barney’s “Team Awesome”. Create a team of talented and passionate people and artists to make your day run smooth. 

Photography: Fully Alive Photography

Venue: Imago Creative Studios

Beer: Worlds End Brewing

Wine: Laforge Family Vineyard

Graphic Design: Joshua Kulchar

Guest Book: Kyle Kultchar  @kyle_kulchar_craft

Bridal Attire: Shoes: Toms

Dress: Macy’s

Hair Stylist: Sarah Lange

Grooms Attire: Custom Made Suit by Daniel George



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