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Positive Messages In Society Daughters and Sisters Arizona Family Photographer

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January 7, 2018


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Positive Messages In Society Daughters and Sisters

Being women of truth, valor, morality, and a strong mind in our current culture can be a challenge. Raising our daughters with positive messages from the beginning can be the key to freedom in so many ways.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I begged God for a daughter.  I seriously wanted to rise  to the challenge of raising a daughter in this society because I am PASSIONATE about women. My heart cries out to encourage women by exposing their worth, protecting them, speaking truth into their hearts, and fighting with and for them. So of course I’d love a daughter. Raise her to be strong, grounded in God’s love and truth, and fix all the mistakes I made along the way of finding my identity. RIGHT? lol. But alas God had other plans for my parenting and he gave me a son. That comes with it’s own challenges and beauty. I will be sharing more about raising a son soon so please do enter your info in the STAY TUNED button on the left!

For today, since I have not been blessed with daughters, I asked Hollee to share some thoughts on how she has chosen to raise her two beautiful daughters.

I also wanted her to share more about having sisters close in age, and being a working mom. It’s so good to know we are not alone but yet intertwined as parents. We are a force to be recommend with when we speak truth and encouragement and band together.

Also I wanted Hollee to expand on the fact that her daughters are so close in age and how that will effect their future and present. Then of course there is the concept of sisters. There are so many positive messages but also so many negative assumptions about sisters and that relationship in society. There is this ever growing sigma about the cattiness and unhealthy competition between girls & sisters in general. That in itself is a challenge when raising daughters I am sure! I wanted to know from Hollee’s perspective how she sees and anticipates those ideas with her daughters. So enough about my curiosity and more about her story!


What are some of the benefits of having your kids so close in age?

I hope they’ll be BFFs and able to take care of each other.  This world scares me some days, so I am glad they’ll be able to (maybe) live together during and/or after college.  They are close enough in age that their interests and activities should stay aligned pretty well for a long time.  That gives us comfort as we strive to make them independent…to know they have each other even as we try to raise them to take care of themselves.

What do you anticipate as some of the problems between sisters and how do you think you will handle or overcome those issues as they arise?

They have very different personalities.  I hope (and pray) they bring out the best in each other; that each will help the other become their best versions.  And that they will also help each other develop a thick skin (by taunting and picking and fighting…as I suspect sisters will do)…to make them stronger and more resilient to the outside world.

What is the main message you feel you speak most into your daughter’s lives, that will set them up for success and healthy world-views as girls in this society?

Most important is faith in God, and Jesus who came to save them.  Positioning them to grow in their faith is our most important job.  I trust God’s plan for their lives (Jer 29:11) so I know they’ll be on a great (though not necessarily easy) path if they trust in Him.  Living a life for Jesus will mean being kind, generous, helpful and full of joy, and our daily messages speak to those virtues.  Practically speaking, I want them to become self-sufficient.  If they CHOOSE to depend on their future spouse, that’s fine, but I don’t want them to be FORCED into depending on someone simply because they didn’t make good decisions (education, financial literacy, job options, etc.).  Ken says:  the girls can be anything they want to be, and to remind them there is nothing (well, almost nothing…there are a few things) they can’t do or become.

If you could give a word of encouragement to other working parents with multiple children under 4 what would it be?

Find a way to renew or reset each day or week.  We feel blessed to have found a great church, and each week the message gives us a new “call to action” to parent better.  It helps to start the week fresh…and although we’re tired again by Friday, we know there’ll be an injection of “parenting energy” over the weekend.

Thanks Hollee for sharing and caring about your girls. I am excited to see them grow in truth and wisdom!

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