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Teachers Make The Best Mothers An Arizona Maternity Session

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June 6, 2018


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Teachers Make The Best Mothers An Arizona Maternity Session

This teacher is no exception. I shared a bit of this story on instagram when I first shared a few of these. But I know my blog reaches other people and I want to shout on the mountains how much respect I have for this woman. I want you to know her too!

Being a mother is intense & so very different than I ever imagined. I have shared about that before (like HERE in Wild At Heart- Raising Sons) but today I want to share a specific lesson I’ve learned recently.

Last year I learned an important lesson about letting go and letting God.

I forget how God cares more for my son than I do and that I am just responsible for doing my best and letting go of the rest. Deep breaths with trust- in a good God. So backstory on this lesson.

We enrolled our son in a pre-school specifically for a teacher we had heard amazing things about. But then we found out our son was put into the “new teachers” class instead. I had a mini conniption fit inside.

Eventually, after prayer, debating, confusion, and all the feelings… we just went out on a limb and didn’t fight it. And as a result, we met this absolutely wonderful teacher. Scarlet ended up being a gift directly from God to me and our son. She spent her days showing my son and many other kiddos great love and compassion. She guided them with confidence and kindness. She encouraged me as I navigated being a mom and soothed my fears by normalizing and soothing my constant Mom worry.

She is truly an amazing person and I was so blessed!

My son got to experience both Scarlet and then this year we had the privilege of being in the original teachers class. And she’s phenomenal too! We had decided to let our son be a child. We didn’t push him into Kinder even though he was old enough and rather put him into the older pre-school class. I am SO glad we did. We got the best of both worlds. Scarlet will always cause me to smile and remember that God is good and cares for my son even more than I can imagine. I have far less fears about this coming August as our sons starts Kindergarten. I don’t feel the need to worry or control who his teacher will be, because God will care for him. Grow him & love him.

So as you can see Scarlet is going to be an amazing mother. Her essence radiates love and acceptance. This baby is already blessed beyond its imagination.  Scarlet & Ben are so easy going and sweetly in love. This baby will be cherished and taught so well. I can’t wait to watch her grow.

Enjoy this sweet and beautiful lady (and her obviously dashing and supportive husband. lol)

Teachers Make The Best Mothers An Arizona Maternity Session.

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