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August 22, 2018


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Hi there! Welcome to the Fully Alive Photography blog, a journal about our clients, shoots, and my own personal life. Stay a while and say hello!

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Having Fun With The Creative Commercial A Lifestyle Experience

As much as I love weddings and engagements, I REALLY love celebrating women and creatives. My heart beats to help creatives create dynamic images to promote their business and brands. I call this type of session the Creative Commerical.

I receive many requests for headshots and business portraits. The first thing I explain to these leads is that I’m all about capturing the person, not the “portrait”. Sometimes it’s hard to explain the difference between a traditional headshot and my lifestyle experience, I want to capture more than the sit here, hold your hand, there and wear your most professional outfit. I’m just not that kind of photographer. I am a lifestyle photographer. I find locations and outdoor naturally lit places that express and highlight your brand, your personality, and your life.

Those that are looking for something off the beaten path LOVE what I offer. I have packages that range from just once, to a monthly blogger option. These sessions are truly my favorite! Always something new, always the change to capture the personalities of my clients. The best part… most of my clients are FUN!

Amanda is the funest guys. Is that a word? I don’t care, cause it’s fun. lol.

Much has changed for Amanda over the past three years that we have been friends. All the things she has been a part of or created has always been awesome. She’s a shake, a mover, and a do-er. I am as always proud to call her friend.  Today I have some serious fun images to share with you.  If you didn’t see the first session with Amanda you can check that out here: Beyond The Berry.

Amanda has been in the network marketing world for almost 5 years and I am so excited about the company that her and her husband have just partnered with. 

It’s a Health and Wellness company right here in Gilbert Arizona called Isagenix. They have been able to already help so many people find weight wellness (weight loss or weight gain for some depending on their goals), better sleep, more energy, healthy aging and better performance in the gym which leads to better results! The company is also launching essential oils this week to complement their nutrition products which will help support a more holistic approach to overall health and wellness.

So after all that fun, you NEED to go find out more about Amanda on her website probably right now:

If you have questions about how to uplevel your own health connect with Amanda you will love her! or 253.255.4194

If you want to up your marketing with beautiful images, grow your business, or simply celebrate yourself please reach out about my creative commercial packages. I have several openings right now each month for my monthly blogger, or you can also simply book one marketing session.

Having Fun With The Creative Commercial A Lifestyle Experience

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I'm Tracy and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our clients, shoots and my own personal life! Stay awhile, leave a comment, or say hi!

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