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A Virtual Experience Like No Other Powerhouse Women Event 2020

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September 5, 2020


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A Virtual Experience Like No Other Powerhouse Women Event 2020

A Virtual Experience Like No Other Powerhouse Women Event 2020

CAN I GET A HAND TAP????????? The powerhouse women virtual event is ONE week from today! Sept 12th 2020. BE THERE!

Who is more excited than me about this years virtual experience for the Powerhouse Women Event??????? Probably my friend Lindsey…since it’s her event and all. lol. But just saying, I’m probably one of her top cheerleaders right now.

Todays post is all about the event – featuring these super fun photos we styled for the event promotion! Powerhouse is here to remind you even during COVID you can girl gang up with your closet friends that you have been quarantining with and host a WATCH party! Dance party. Watch Party. Joy Party. Whatever you want to call it!

If you haven’t gotten your ticket snag one today HERE. Call your friends over and be prepared for the most engaging and powerful experiences of the year!

A Virtual Experience Like No Other Powerhouse Women Event 2020

I know I’ve spoken up on social media lot this season with powerhouse this and powerhouse that… but this radical community of likeminded women, mamas, entrepreneurs and those who know “they were meant for ore” have helped me thrive during COVID. Instead of feeling isolated and alone I’ve been on almost EVERY call since March with this positive girlgang.

Lindsey likes to say “we are not meant to do life (or business) alone” and I’m FULL in on this friends.

A Virtual Experience Like No Other Powerhouse Women Event 2020

Another one of my favorite people (not a friend yet but maybe one day? haha) is Rachel Hollis and she talks a lot about our mindset and surrounding ourselves with people we want to be like- because we are a combination of those we surround ourselves with. So I am INTENTIONAL about who I surround myself with. I surround myself with positivity, joy, authentic relationships, and people I look up to. Because life is short and I’m determined to live it the best I can.

This is why I’ve plunged into the deep end with my friend Lindsey and her community at Powerhouse women.

A Virtual Experience Like No Other Powerhouse Women Event 2020
A Virtual Experience Like No Other Powerhouse Women Event 2020

Lindsey is a positive go getter with a HUGE heart for others. She is consistently showing up in this community to give life, share joy and all the other things my path is aligned with. So I show up in her life and her community. I showed up in her weekly calls all through COVID, I’m showing up at the event (wouldn’t miss it for the world- I’ll actually be on set capturing BTS) and I’m on the podcast each week being inspired and excited about life as an entrepreneur. (Read my other post about Lindsey HERE)

I’m so excited for Lindsey to pull off a virtual experience like no other at this years Powerhouse women event! It’s going to be something special friends. So GO GET YOUR TICKET! “See” you there!

It takes a village to pull off a super fun shoot like this so thanks to all those who showed up with smiles, laughter, and love for this shoot!

Property: The Brass Cactus Airbnb + Girl About Town

Models: Hannah & Lindsey w/ Powerhouse Women | Aisha w/ Creative Label | Lanna w/ Pampr’d Soul | Meghan w/ Girl About Town | Mary w/ Girls Mentorship

Videographer| Carly w/ The Good Vibe Media

  1. fullyalive says:

    For life!!!!! You are never getting rid of me now. haha

  2. Lindsey says:

    Ahhh I love this, and you!! You are absolutely girl gang head cheerleader and friend for LIFE. So grateful! xo

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