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Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot

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December 14, 2023


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Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot

As a 20 year seasoned photographer and now owner of a full agency, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless moments that tell stories beyond words.

I’ve also had the great honor and privilege of employing 13 something employees over time. However, none have been as meaningful and special as the recent photoshoot featuring my assistant, Izzy.

In the two years since she joined Fully Alive Photography through a LinkedIn internship offer, Izzy has evolved from an intern to a vital part of our team, showcasing hard work and creativity.

Izzy’s journey with us began with a six-month internship, where her hard work and can-do attitude became evident. We couldn’t let go of her efforts, so she continued working with us just a few hours a week for another year. You could find her on set setting up, tearing down and shooting micro-video BTS. You could also find her sitting at our employee desk endlessly culling or in office organizing some disaster or another I left behind in my rush to create. lol.

As she pursued a degree in digital marketing with a minor in fashion, Izzy transitioned to The Fully Alive Agency, in another 6 month internship where she delved into consulting clients with me to see the BTS for that side of the company.

Today’s photoshoot feature was not just any ordinary session; it actually marked the celebration of Izzy’s ASU graduation and birthday, coming up next week & early January!

Over the years, I’ve watched Izzy transform into a kinder, softer, and more confident individual. Our professional relationship has blossomed into a deep personal connection, and in many ways, I’ve come to see her as a daughter. I love this girl SO much! I love that she does what needs to be done to get the job done, she doesn’t complain about her tasks but just finds a way to do it! She’s always up for personal and professional growth opportunities and has such a can-do, will-learn, whatever-it-takes attitude!

Izzy’s growth is not just limited to her personal growth but her professional growth too. Witnessing her navigate the challenges of academia and the professional world, I can’t help but feel an immense sense of pride in her accomplishments. As she embarks on the next chapter after graduating with a degree in digital marketing and a fashion minor, I am excited about the prospect of her taking on more significant roles within my companies. Especially a possible new offering for our clients needing more help with marketing! We are not sure what that will look like but hey I’m always up for something new!

What makes working with Izzy so enjoyable is her flair for edgy, youthful content. She’s willing to do anything for the sake of the art! Like eating donuts on parking garage floors…

For this special occasion, we embarked on a creative shoot that reflected Izzy’s personality. We actually spent several months putting together our locations, her wardrobe, and the whole vibe.

The first look, set against the backdrop of the ASU library where she spent hours learning her craft, embraced a playful “Clueless” vibe, capturing the essence of her carefree can-do spirit and celebrating her cuteness. lol.

Transitioning to a more classic style, we chose the iconic university palm walk for the graduation cap and gown shots. The juxtaposition of classic and contemporary styles showcased Izzy’s versatility and reflected the various facets of her personality.

To wrap up the shoot, we ventured to a parking garage rooftop, where we experimented with flash and unconventional angles, and eating donuts in staircases, and laying on the parking garage floor for an edgy vibe. The resulting images captured the essence of Izzy’s journey—bold, dynamic, and ready for the next exciting chapter in her life.

As Izzy stands on the threshold of a promising future, I can’t help but feel like a proud mentor and a close friend.

Her passion for her craft, combined with her unique perspective, enriches the creative tapestry of our work. I eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration with Izzy and am confident that she will play a significant role in shaping the future of Fully Alive Photography and The Fully Alive Agency.

Cheers to Izzy—may her journey be as vibrant and inspiring as the images we captured together.

Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot
Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot
Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot
Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot
Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot

Hard Work And Life Behind The Lens An ASU Grad Shoot

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