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The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing

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September 8, 2021


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The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing

There are some new neat tricks & new offerings up my sleeve this season friends!!!!!!!!!!! and the biggest one is that I am offering a post-procession duo edit upgrade!


Let’s start with what does “Post Processing” even mean????

So you might hear the words “moody” or “bright & airy” attached to photos… what does that mean? It simply means that photographers edit the image to have a specific feel or look. This happens in what we call “post processing” meaning we edit the photos AFTER we take them. Like BELOW- Check out my normal edit verse my moody shots for The Good Vibe Media below…

The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing

Sooooo one of the things I get asked for occasionally is ” can you edit dark & moody? I just love that look”

Now I don’t get asked a lot because it’s VERY obvious my style is bright & airy/film like and most of my clients are drawn to me because I LOVE photos that are as natural as possible. They don’t age with trends, filters, and other various movements. I’ve been around long enough (15 years in with photography) to know that styles of editing that are pretty unrealistic (require plenty of editing) come & go. So I just have chosen to not jump on the filter or pre-set bandwagon… And don’t worry… I’m still not… well not really.

I am now offering a DUO set of post processed images to my clients!

Meaning I will edit you some lovely trendy dark & moody stylized images… AND a set of how we recommend editing. This means you can have the WHOLE FULLY ALIVE PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE

-my shooting style,

-my energy,

-my creating planning and guidance,

-access to the branding guide,

-the angles & eye for detail I offer)

AND your trendy images…

but not to worry because when the trend passes.. you will still have perfectly lovely bright & airy photos waiting for you!

If you love the dark & moody, here are a few tips & tricks from my personal experience on editing that moody vibe:

It matters how you shoot because you still want to expose the image correctly. However you change a lot of those settings post process when you edit, I edit in Adobe Bridge by hand. To achieve a moody look I lower the saturation, boost blacks/shadows, darken whites & highlights, overall darkening the photo– and boosting clarity too!

Tips for Achieving a Moody Look

  1. Don’t be afraid of a Cloudy or Overcast Day (My Branding Guidebook I published last year (that is for Members only) has a chapter all about the difference in shooting overcast vs. shooting in the sun)
  2. You can achieve a very intense contrasty moody shot if you shoot indoors with a bright light source
  3. Shooting at Sunrise can also give you an easy path to a moody shot!

Let’s talk about why I am NOT transitioning to Moody editing but rather giving you DUO edits.

Let’s just say it’s a tossup of Trendy verse Timeless…

Trendy “moody vibes” is what is currently in style right now but timeless lasts forever.

When I shoot my images I shoot a little dark and then brighten them but I barely edit my images because I shoot them exactly how I want them to look. My style is bright, airy, & classic.

When an image is edited in post processing in order to make it a moody look it is edited a lot and it might not be a style of edit that you will like 10 years from now.

Moody images can be fun for specific projects in mind if you’re wanting something more grainy and dark.

Although if you are wanting every photoshoot you do with me to be moody dark sultry images than we might not be the best fit for each other and that’s ok because you can find someone who is~ Although it’s not my traditional style, I can do this upgrade for certain projects & we can discuss that more to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

I am offering this as an upgrade for my Branding Client members or as an add on for weddings, families, and single branding clients. Just ask in your contact form!

If you like the bright and airy look then naturally we will be a great fit for each other. If you want the moody look then I can do it for an upgrade where you will be delivered a dual set of edited images both that are bright/airy and moody/dark.

Above and beyond editing style my biggest goal is to create an Experience for my clients. I want to offer things that will help my clients that love me achieve their goals! We get to be on set laughing & feeling your best and that’s what matters most!

If you are curious about becoming a Member learn more info here

Check out this back to back blog featuring my amazing members of female filmmakers at the Good Vibe Media!

The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing
The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing

The Fully Alive Experience Moody Vibes Post Processing

It Takes a Village: This shoot for The Good Vibe Media pulled together beautifully with the expert team below

Wardrobe: Risa Kostis – Ristyle Consulting

Makeup: The Sparkle Bar

Venue: The Scott Resort & Spa

Learn more about my small business branding & editorial content photography.

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