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Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party

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May 7, 2023


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Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party

Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
Sweet Dees Themed Zelda Cake + Sugar Cookies

I feel like the ultimate mom blogger right now. I’m writing a blog about a themed birthday party I threw for my kid… How did I get here? lol. Well I got here because it’s WAY too awesome and epic NOT to share. And there are a few reasons besides being a proud mom that I’m posting this.

1. I Am An Event Planner

Okay so it’s VERY hard for me to type that and not get imposter syndrome. Yes- I realize I officially and legally started my planning company “Fully Alive Events” in 2020…But I still feel like a fake.

But the honest truth is I’ve been planning epic parties ( birthday, baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, just because parties) since I was LITTLE. I have so many photos of myself baking a cake, decorating it, dressing up, decorating the house throughout my youth. And even after leaving the house and having my own life I’ve been planning friends & my own parties. My own 21st birthday was a rave… haha. For my 28th birthday I planned and executed a VERY cool Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament! My 29th- I threw a 20’s theme (celebrating leaving last year in my 20’s) And my 40th I threw a Barbie party! Before Barbie was cool so I had to make almost everything myself! And if not make it I had to piece it together from barbie bachelorette parties. I made a life size barbie box… It was extremely awesome.

The point is I’ve always loved making things beautiful, celebrating everything that can be celebrated and of course when I had a baby everything is been party central over here. haha. So far I’ve planned a party every year except for 2020 when the world shut down. So we did the cul-de-sack cupcake drive by like everyone else. lol. But I did decorate a table in the middle of the cul-de-sack- can’t help myself haha.

So this year was totally awesome- Which takes us to a second point…

2. Sweet Dees

Okay so my second reason why this blog needed to be featured. Two Words” SWEET DEES. This is the VERY first party that I ordered from a legit professional bakery. (We even had a talented friend make our wedding cake….) And now I am ADDICTED.

Sweet Dee’s Bakeshop is a bakery located in old town Scottsdale. Go Visit HERE. Not only is it female owned & operated- it’s my client and friend Danielle! We started working together in 2018. Danielle needed some photos of her and her mom, the shop and staff headshots. It was such a TREAT- lol. Get the pun.

Her shop is ADORABLE. and her baked goods… TO. DIE.FOR. and of course like any craftsman every year she gets better and better- and now she’s a WIZARD at gluten free. (I am literally eating a gluten free chocolate donut from her while writing this article.) and speaking of Wizards – Danielle is also obsessed with aweomse things like Harry Potter (she has a WHOLE situation she does for Harry’s birthday in July – which is another shoot she hired me for:

We also just did a shoot for her new magazine she self-published that is available THIS month! Please check out her IG for some contents & give-a-ways she’s doing to celebrate this great accomplishment. (I haven’t posted this year but I will when I get my hands on her magazine- we shot the cover and the instead about the author feature. It’s REALLY cute…) I didn’t want to steal her glory and post before her. So stay tuned for that feature SOON.

Anyways… the story for this post…

this year I was VERY busy because I was the committee chair for my son’s school 4th & 5th grade spring fling dance. So it was the weekend before this party AND I also helped throw a baby shower that SAME weekend. So beyond the consulting & design agency, the photography company I also had 3 events to execute in 8 days… OMG. So I was exhausted and didn’t have energy to also attempt making treats and I was in desperate need of something awesome to bring life to the party. And hense why we had a professional bakery make the treats.

I’ll never NEVER go back. I’m obsessed and I will always and forever recommend Danielle and her shop Sweet Dees. I mean I’ve always recommended them but now I know first hand what it looks like to be a client in need of a special order.

There wasn’t much direction to give Danielle for this – I literally just told her “Legends Of Zelda, Tears of The Kingdom” theme for an 11th year old boy ,20-ish guests- and a few gluten free people. I maybe sent a few photos on a pin board but there isn’t much out there because Legends Of Zelda, Tears of The Kingdom isn’t coming out until next week ( May 13th 2023) so no one really has anything yet. So this was a challenging theme.

And she made MAGIC.

I’m dying with how cute and perfect every single thing she made was. I was SOOOO impressed.

It tasted like heaven. I’m gluten free but I tasted the cookies, cake pops, cake AND each of the GF donuts. hahah. All AMAZING. It was SOOO hard not to over indulge in everything- haha.

I went into the store and was greeted with smiles and boxes of perfection. They helped me carry it to my car and didn’t judge me for the disaster zone my car was ( literally Mateo dumped his 4 week old backpack full of crumbs and garbage on my car floor) it was GROSS. but Nope no judgement just joy for me to have these treats for the party.

So there we are friends. This is why I’m a mom blogger posting 50 photos of treats of my kids Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party. lol.

I didn’t even take a PHOTO of my kid enjoying the party. This was me trying not to go extra like I usually do. hahahha. This was a CHILL party. I did take videos & photos on my phone… so go to instagram if you want to see the actual party. Only whipped out the professional camera for the treats, set up, and when he blew out the candles. I left it on my desk the rest of the party. It was REALLY hard to do. But I’m an adult making adult choices. lol.

So enjoy all the GORGEOUS photos and feel free to pin for your party! And book Sweet Dees for your TREATS!

Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
Sweet Dees Zelda Cake + Cookies, Gluten Free Donuts
Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
Zelda Bags- Breath Of The Wild From Amazon
Cake & Cookies & Gluten Free Donuts
Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
Sweet Dees Cake Pops
Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
Craft Time- I did a jewelry necklace making station with zelda charms I found online- The Shield and Swords and just breath of the wild master shield & master sword
Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
Favor gift bags had posters I made from his invite and bracelets, Stickers, and then the jewelry they would make,
Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
I built the table too… but year ago. haha.
Birthday Cake Candle Time!
Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party
Wishes Came True!

Legends Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Birthday Party

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