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Redefining Beauty No Place Like Home Part Seven

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August 27, 2017


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Redefining Beauty No Place Like Home Part Seven

Redefining Beauty No Place Like Home {Part Seven}

{Peters Family}

I am taking a quick detour from the quick shares of these family mini’s I did in Illinois mid-August to talk about something/someone really dear to my heart. My friend Danielle.

Danielle is one of those people that just feels like home. Maybe it’s because she was my roommate in college, I shot her wedding (My very first wedding actually!) but honestly, I think it’s just the kind of person she is.  Danielle is kind. Danielle is tender, honest, real, alive, and SO SO SO beautiful! She is truly gorgeous inside and out, even when she doubts this. Even when the world denies her truth and peace of mind. But I know this woman. I know her heart. I know her spirit. She is a kindred spirit, a soul sister and someone I would go to the line for (whatever that means lol) In the end she is one friend who has been a constant believer in me, an encourager, and an uplifter of spirits.

Maybe sometimes she would say her outward focus is to her detriment, maybe she would say in ways it cripples her, but the truth that I see is a beautiful, vulnerable heart beating to love. Love each and everyone around her. But she is right there is a time for self-care and outward focus. There is always a balance. Today was a day for Danielle to love herself. Love her marriage, love her story. This day we focused on her and called out her beauty. She let herself believe and redefined the way she sees her beauty. I hope these images can remind her of this truth always, I hope she sees them and celebrates! I am so proud and honored to call Josh a friend. How he loves and cherishes Danielle is inspirational. It’s so cute how he is “not her cop” and lets her be herself truly. I am humbled by their marriage and it inspires me in mine.

The heart of everything I do is to call out beauty around me.

It’s everywhere, just lonely and waiting to be recognized. I don’t create beauty, I just see it and capture it. I find a way to show it to you. When you are unsure of yourself, text me, I will remind you of your beauty. Inner AND outer because they are one. Let me photograph and celebrate you. I want to so dearly show you what I see. How I see you.

This, my friends, is how I see Daneille, isn’t she radiant? Also, another late happy 10 year anniversary to these love bugs. I love living life with them.



  1. fullyalive says:

    Always! They are so wonderful!

  2. fullyalive says:

    Thank you! She is so beautiful and I’m glad you see all those wonderful things about her too! I have to agree her hugs ARE the best!

  3. Willie Mae says:

    Danielle Your Pictures Was Breathtaking, Your Friend Captured The True Beauty Inside Out, I Can Say I Really Enjoyed Seeing You and The True Beauty You Are, I Enjoyed Reading Her Blog.. It Was So Real and True, You Are Special And Beautiful, I Love and Admire You For The Person You Truly Are And it shows In Your Eyes, Your Smile, Your Hug, Keep Being You, You Bring A Lot to This World ❤️

  4. Diane Franke says:

    Thank you Tracy, for capturing the beautiful relationship of Danielle & Josh. You did a great job! I love these pictures. Hope all is well.

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