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It’s A Love Story Baby Just Say Yes, a McCormick Scottsdale Wedding

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December 8, 2017


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Hi there! Welcome to the Fully Alive Photography blog, a journal about our clients, shoots, and my own personal life. Stay a while and say hello!

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It’s A Love Story Baby Just Say Yes, a McCormick Scottsdale Wedding

Blogs, Love Stories, and Weddings

My blog is essentially a place for clients to relive their wedding day not too long after the wedding. It’s a good platform to post all my favorite images for the couple & guests to enjoy. My blog is also a place for newly engaged couples to be inspired for planning their weddings.

Sometimes I share tips and tricks that the couple I’m sharing did well. I comment on their day, style, and theme. Sometimes I speak about my relationship with the couple or the relationship they have together.

Occasionally, when there is a special event in my life, I use my blog to post about myself of that achievement. Like my 10 years as a wedding photographer post, my birthday, my 10 year anniversary with my husband, and so forth.

I’ve been thinking a lot about if I should change the way I blog and make it more.

Obviously, the content won’t change, as a photographer, I have photography to offer. lol. However, I am thinking about weaving more of my personality into the actual verbal content of the post. I have also been thinking it’s a great place for couples to share their love story. Everything about my photography is aimed at telling the story of the wedding day, so why not share the story of the couple? What draws them together, what makes them a good match even better, what do they envision their life story together! I am interested in hearing from my client what drew them to me. Why they choose to let me be apart of that incredibly monumental day in their story as well. I also like to hear how I did.

So here today I’m so excited to let Tiffany and Tom tell you their story then follow that up with the images I captured on their wedding day.

How did you guys meet and fall in love?

Tiffany says, ” Tom and I happened to sit next to each other in ceramics class in high school. Early in the year, a friend of Tom’s got transferred to the class and Tom attempted to switch tables but my friend Kelsey wrote him a note saying, “COME BACK TOM”. I remember thinking how handsome he was when he smiled. We were friends for four years prior to dating. We hung out to play Mario Kart and eat bbq chicken pizzas. I always loved Toms company and was drawn to his kind heart and sense of humor. When I got him a job at the steakhouse I worked after high school we started spending more time together, and everyone in restaurants kind of flirts, right? We started dating May 28th, 2010.”

Was is your favorite part of each other?

Tom says, “My favorite thing about Tiffany is her laugh and the fact that she thinks I’m funny. She genuinely cares about people and loves animals more than anyone I’ve ever met. Her ambition drives me to accomplish my goals. Our wedding was the best day of my life, and perhaps the next best day will be when a little jr. comes along”

What do you two envision for your lives together?

Tiffany says, “We talk about having kids a lot and even have the unborn children names picked out, but we want to enjoy this newlywed time and each other alone for a little while longer. We’ve been together for seven years now but after the wedding, it feels like a new exciting beginning.

How did you guys choose me to photograph your special day?

I found Tracy because my uncle was at a wedding that she photographed. From the minute we booked Tracy she started helping me with wedding planning. From advice on uplighting to what time the ceremony would look the best, she was there and really cared about every detail of the day. I told her it was important to me to get a picture with the beer burro we booked and she reached out to the vendor and got it all set up to ensure the picture was taken. To me, a wedding photographer needs to make situations comfortable, be easy-going yet firm and listen to what your envisioning and Tracy did all that and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share one of the most important days of my life with.

(AWWWWWWWWWW Right?????? I’m so glad I was able to make your day everything you wanted and more! And a huge shout out to Haul N Ass because they are so easy and wonderful to work with! )


Let’s Get to Reliving Tiffany and Tom’s Wedding Story


Photography: Tracy Battaglia- Fully Alive Photography

Invites/Menus: Couple Designed through Minted

Venue: The McCormick Scottsdale

Videography: Everlasting Cinema

Makeup: The Sparkle Bar

Hair: Amanda Kelly

Wedding Dress: Schaffer’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Mother’s Dresses: Nordstrom
Wedding Rings: Robbin’s Brothers
Wedding Burro: Mija w/ Haul N Ass Productions

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