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To Be Or Not To Be Making Big Girl Choices ASU Class of 2018 Graduate

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April 27, 2018


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To Be Or Not To Be Making Big Girl Choices ASU Class of 2018 Graduate

I’m in a funny mood… so I figured a clever and funny blog title was just perfect.

lol. But really guys, choosing a career in college??? It is extremely difficult to know what you want to be “when you grow up” It’s a serious commitment- 4+ years in school to craft the training and education you need to exceed in that career is a heavy burden to carry. It’s also a wonderful time in life where you focus on learning & friendships. Some of the deepest friendships I’ve created were formed in college and have survived over 10 years now!

I am incredibly fortunate that I knew my love for art long before college, so thankfully I choose the right career path early on.

It’s SO rare guys. I know I’m beyond blessed to have a degree in art & photography and then have created a photography business out of nothing for the past 10 years. The only thing I would change is I would have chosen a double major. I should have taken business classes! I’ve still thought of going back to college to get a degree in business. However, at this point 10 years into my own business and having managed multiple other businesses before this I don’t know how much college would offer me?

What do you guys think?

I want you to meet the funny, smart, and stunningly beautiful Adia Taylor today! Isn’t she breathtaking? In the short time I was able to get to know her (literally I spent an hour of my life with her) I was able to discover she was beautiful inside as well as out. She is confident, decisive, strong and smart! I enjoyed every second of our hour immensely.

Adia is a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Journalism and Mass Communications.  She is graduating from Arizona State University, class of 2018! She is pursuing a career in Executive Field Sales in Detroit, Michigan as the next step in her life. Adia is making big girl choices, on what she is going to be or not be 🙂 lol. See what I did there? I’m funny right?

Enjoy Adia’s graduation photos!

To Be Or Not To Be Making Big Girl Choices ASU Class of 2018 Graduate

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