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Traveling Photographer Minis: I’m Going To Jackson

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July 25, 2018


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Normal Illinois Lifestyle Family Mini Photography Sessions

Hello Illinois. These blogs are a part of a series for my yearly Illinois mini sessions. I started my business in Illinois 10 years ago and have so many faithful and wonderful clients that I make the trek back from Arizona and offer mini’s once a year.  I just love that my Illinois clients have followed me and invested in me year after year, regardless of the fact I have now been in Arizona for 4 years! Every year I post that I’m coming and check out dates everyone is available, and the slots almost always booked up full. I can begin to tell you how loved and honored I feel by this loyalty. So here I am again in the heat of July, shooting 11 families, seniors, and creatives. Thanks again to everyone, I’m thrilled to share these and I’ll see you all next summer!

Traveling Photographer Minis: I’m Going To Jackson

Normal Illinois Lifestyle Family Mini Photography Sessions

I know so lame. but I can’t help it. Every time I think about my dear friends Scott & Julie Jackson, I get the Johnny Cash -going to Jackson song in my head. HAHA. I hope they like that song because I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Anyways moving on to more important things, like how cute their boys are, and how fast they are growing.

OR maybe let me just take a minute to recognize the fact that I have NEVER in my entire 12 years of photographing humans had children this compliant during a shoot. I am sure the oldest didn’t remember me from our last shoot, and the visit a few years ago, and the youngest has actually never even met me. Yet, they both smiled and listened to everything I asked them to do. Stand here. SURE! Stand there, OKAY! Smile, Hold hands, Walk, Turn, Kiss dad, Hug mom etc. Every single thing! I mean sure after the oldest choked the littlest with his fiercest hug.. I got some pout face. But I loved that most. haha. Because that’s life. But still, he didn’t leave the camera frame. lol. I’m seriously still sitting here writing this blog remembering how amazing that was. I even got genuine smiles, something my 6 yaers old has still yet to master for the camera. I didn’t even make any silly faces, duck quacking or any of the insane antics I will do to get a kid to like me. lol.

Love you Scott & Julie you are a truly beautiful family, inside and out you are wonderfully made and I’m proud to call you friends. Enjoy your sneak peek!


And now that you have the song in your head, here is an easy youtube link. lol.

Normal Illinois Lifestyle Family Mini Photography Sessions

It’s always a pleasure to see this family & photograph them! I looked up their last shoot and their oldest was sooo tiny!



  1. fullyalive says:

    AWWWW thanks Julie! That’s so sweet. I am so proud and honored to have captured this year for you! Love you too.

  2. Julie Jackson says:

    Oh my goodness! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! You truly bring out the best! Thank you for capturing those smiles. We love you and are so thankful for you!

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