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Traveling Photographer Minis: Sand And Sun at Chicago North Beach 

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August 3, 2018


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Chicago Illinois Traveling Maternity and Family Photographer Mini Sessions

Hello Illinois. These blogs are a part of a series for my yearly Illinois mini sessions. I started my business in Illinois 10 years ago and have so many faithful and wonderful clients that I make the trek back from Arizona and offer mini’s once a year.  I just love that my Illinois clients have followed me and invested in me year after year, regardless of the fact I have now been in Arizona for 4 years! Every year I post that I’m coming and check out dates everyone is available, and the slots almost always booked up full. I can begin to tell you how loved and honored I feel by this loyalty. So here I am again in the heat of July, shooting 11 families, seniors, and creatives. Thanks again to everyone, I’m thrilled to share these and I’ll see you all next summer!

Traveling Photographer Minis: Sand And Sun at Chicago North Beach

Chicago Illinois Traveling Maternity and Family Photographer Mini Sessions

If you follow my blog you will recognize this adorable family! I’ve done so many sessions with them I’ve lost count! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! This family has even come to me in Arizona! So it was time I go to them. Hense the trek to Chicago for a mini day. I’m so glad I did! It was so beautiful in Chicago even though it was overcast for the first half of the shoot, the sun ended up peeking out and we had fun in the sand and sun.

Coartney looks so beautiful pregnant! Look at that perfect bump! lol. I know not many of us women feel beautiful when we are pregnant but we really are. We are amazing! I mean we grow tiny humans inside us! That never gets normal. lol. But it’s really miraculous. So props to you babe, grow that baby! You make totally adorable and sweet children so I can’t wait to meet number 3!

Please come to Arizona soon so we can take more photos. Let’s go to some sand dunes and maybe Lego land? lol.

Enjoy your beautiful family on the shore of Chicago. See you all soon!

Chicago Illinois Traveling Maternity and Family Photographer Mini Sessions

Want to take a stroll on Chicago’s North Shore beach check out the Chicago Park HERE.

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