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The Power of Positivity A Year In The Life of A Entrepreneur

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December 31, 2019


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Power Of Positivity

The Power of Positivity A Year In The Life of A Entrepreneur

Many times people write new years blog about all the things they are going to do the coming year. Resolutions and so forth. BUT I am writing a blog about last year. What I learned in my personal life and in my life as an entrepreneur. (Because life is all entwined)

We all have natural negative messages of shame, fear, and insecurity running around like wild banshees in our head. It’s true you are not alone! They are common to mankind!

Over the past year I’ve been on a journey to learn how to overcome the power of these messages.

I have explored medication and learning to live in the present. Really truly listen to my body and see life for how it is- not how I might be processing it.

I have faced many fears and anxieties and learned to lean into positive messages and truths.

I have learned that I am an optimist. Life is truly a glass half full, but for years the fear and anxiety have built in me and robbed me of joy.

I have learned anxiety and fear aren’t things to be “gotten rid of or avoided” but rather things you just simply don’t give your energy and power to. They are things to be discovered and explored. Thankfully I have fought the power they hold over me and have learned some pretty great techniques and tools for managing whatever my amygdala throws my way! BTW the Amygdala is the part of the brain that is key to emotions, survival instinct (aka anxiety/flight or fight) and memory.

One of my favorite techniques I’ve learned this year is REPLACING the crippling NEGATIVE messages (anxious messages, negative past memories, or fear) with POSITIVE messages (learning how to be present, find good memories, and allow myself the joy and gratitude for these positive messages!

These skills help me find the positive and let it pendulate with the negatives. Looking at the fear isn’t letting it rule me. It’s me ruling it! And the positive always out-weights the negative naturally for me. Not to say it hasn’t been the hardest journey to tap into the positive when the negative feels so heavy. It has been hard. REALLY REALLY HARD.

I want to note again that replacing powerful messages of fear and anxiety isn’t about getting RID of those messages or ignoring them. Most of the time it’s your body trying to get your attention and show you something you need to acknowledge. These are things we need to look at not ignore. But I’m talking about the POWER they have over us. I don’t want to be ruled by fear, I want to brave the fear and give myself something wonderful to overpower it.

The other favorite go to technique has been learning to love myself and call out my accomplishments and hold them close.

To believe in myself and be proud of myself. To not brush my success under the rug because it’s meaningless (that is usually due to comparison)

Power Of Positivity

Let’s get honest, the way we think feel and believe leek into every part of our life. Our perspective colors our world. And it REALLY leeks into your job when you are an entrepreneur – because your job is SO tied up in who you are.

So let’s tap into some of the above powerful messages I’ve taught myself this year when it comes to my life as an entrepreneur. CALLING OUT MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!! I’m sure someday I’ll share more about how these helped me in my personal life, marriage, and parenting- but for today I want to focus on how I’ve been managing the messages of fear and anxiety when it comes to my job!

Power Of Positivity

Tap into truth and personal accomplishments rather than speculation and fear and messages of comparison.

I have to stop looking at what OTHER people did and more about what I did this year over what I’ve done in the past. About my own personal growth. And truthful find joy in it! That becomes my success! So what does A Year In The Life of A Entrepreneur look like? Well I don’t know… but I know my year!

I did SOOOO many cool things with my clients in 2019.

I had over 100 photoshoots this year!

I had some big name Clients like Red Roof Inn and Modern Luxury and Farm Credit West. So that’s cool. And even bigger-in-my-book names (from amazing local female founders ) like Sage Aubrey and Powerhouse Women! Ummm amazing women that I am 100% behind their messages. THAT IS AMAZING.

I am feeling the power of positivity already just writing these truths. lol. And this isn’t even close to the end of this years accomplishments.

Power Of Positivity

I came alongside over 30 local business to support them by creating content for them.

Launching my monthly memberships was the COOLEST most life giving thing I did this year. I was able to give them content for an entire year at an affordable rate, and I received positive feedback and all of them that finished their year membership in 2019 signed on for another year! That is success!

I also shot my goal in weddings and beyond with newborns, families and so much more.

Some more of my own personal favorite highlights of this year.

I traveled to the border of California to photograph a campaign on a ranch and farm for a Farm Credit West’s annual report magazine and website as well as a years worth of marketing materials for them. I got down and dirty with the cows and horses. Life is good in the dirt. ha.

I had the most epic travel adventure ALL over the southwest from Cali to Nevada to capture some of the most beautiful landscape the southwest and pacific southwest has to offer to sell as fine art prints. And I sold a GIANT 40×90 metal wall print of the grand canyon at dusk to a friend/former wedding client! I cannot even WAIT to photograph it hanging on their wall next week!!!!!

I photographed a WOMEN empowerment campaign for one of the most bad ass women I have ever met: Sage Aubrey… and one of the images is LANDING ON A BILLBOARD “Every Great Friendship Starts with I Like Your Bag” SERIOUSLY good vibes for this billboard to come a reality in 2020.

I shot several clients for Modern Luxury AND my face was in print in the August issue on the contributor page!

This list goes on. I could spend hours listing all the things I am grateful for in JUST this year! Because The Power of Positivity- When I look at my positive messages in A Year In The Life of A Entrepreneur.. well it takes the power from negative self talk, fear of failure, and the horrible cycle of comparison.

Power Of Positivity
Power Of Positivity

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and business. Thanks for reading and celebrating this years journey with me. Here is to 2020 and all the awesome in store for me. Because I am POSITIVE it’s going to be awesome.

Tapping into THIS POWER of Positivity- Being Present, breathing thru stress, finding the good, loving and praising myself, and so much more has made 2019 the BEST YEAR.

Power Of Positivity

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  1. fullyalive says:

    OHHH thanks for leaving LOVE!!!!!!! Love you and in your corner forever too!

  2. Libby says:

    What a beautiful compilation of photos, and growth, and experiences, and celebrations! It’s so good to see you expanding your heart & business, both.

    Forever in your corner, babe!

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