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44 Things To Do At Home | Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

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March 25, 2020


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44 Things To Do At Home Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

Okay y’all. Social distancing is a real thing now. We are all over a week in and I’m tired of figuring out what to say, what to talk about, how to be sensitive online. At the end of the day I just want to giggle and share joy.

44 Things To Do At Home Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

I’m a slight hermit at heart and I work from home… so my life isn’t that much different or difficult other than I’m low-ish on fresh food other than my garden, I dearly miss my workout routine and workout friend, and I could go for a little alone time. So I’m gonna share 101 things to do at home, many of which I’ve already done but many are funny and I hope I make you giggle!

Beware this post is ridiculous and inspired by over 2 weeks of being isolated at home with a 7 year old ADHD boy and a husband that is a 15 boy at heart.

  1. Konmari (this will take you a year…you have plenty of time)
  2. After sorting go ahead and sushi rolls all your socks…
  3. Rearrange your house- Like make your bedroom in the living room and your tv room the bedroom. I mean no one is coming over anyways
  4. Household projects you’ve been putting off for 5 years
  5. Actually dust your ceiling fans and trim…don’t just ignore it like all the other times because you can’t see it.
  6. Family challenge: each build something random with all the scraps in your shed/garage. points for creativity and ingenuity.
  7. Make it a goal to keep your house plants alive for once
  8. Teach yourself new hairdos. Like maybe 44 of them…
  9. Learn how to use one square of toilet paper to wipe efficiently (that’s a joke and ewww)
  10. Finally sort and delete all your old iphone photos
  11. Find new music & have impromptu dance parties with your family
  12. Learn tiktok
  13. Organize your computer
  14. Learn another language
  15. Watch all your favorite childhood shows (My Little Ponies, Care bears, Berenstain bears, rainbow bright, Punky Brewster, Full House, Boy Meets World, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Saved By The Bell, this goes ON.
  16. Just saying….9 Seasons of Little House on The Prairie + Anne Of Green Gables are all online…Read the books FIRST!
  17. Binge watch Downton Abby, Heart of Dixie, Heartland, every apocalyptic teenage fiction, every super hero movie and tv series. etc
  18. Snuggle
  19. Play/Craft/Fun with your kid(s)
  20. Teach your kid(s) how to cook
  21. Facetime play dates
  22. Annoy Your kid(s) (pay back time)
  23. Watch endless science videos with your kid(s)
  24. Walks (but avoid crowded areas and parks)
  25. Walk your dog… or cat
  26. Pretend you are in a post apocalyptic book and explore the back alleys of your neighborhood watching out for zombies around every corner.
  27. Covet beautiful mansions and castles on Zillow you wish you had.. but are currently glad you don’t have to pay for
  28. Then design your dream home on paper
  29. Camp In Your Yard
  30. Yard Work (mowing, weed pulling, hedge trimming the list is endless)
  31. Garden! (If you didn’t start one yet- learn about gardening for the next quarantine)
  32. 101 pushups (I can’t even do 2— good luck)
  33. Find a great workout routine for you- I’m still struggling to do this.
  34. Stretch every day so at the end you are 100 times more flexible
  35. Hydrate and stop eating sugar (Also good luck- I’m now eating more sugar. UGH)
  36. Research 365 receipts so when the groceries stores carry groceries again you can cook them.
  37. Put all your random end of the pantry ingredients together into a questionable meal and present it to your family as if it’s the most normal meal ever.
  38. Google recipes with ingredients you have. See if you can make 10 different meals with the same ingredients.
  39. Puzzles (order or make a felt roll so you can roll it up each night)
  40. Adult coloring books with fancy colored pencils- I have a harry potter one.
  41. Board + Card Games
  42. Online games like Sudoku (a favorite of mine)
  43. Word-Search (another favorite)
  44. 4 Words: NINTENDO SWITCH STARDEW VALLEY. (This alone will get you through a season of social distancing)

I hope you enjoyed my ridiculous list of 44 fun things to do at home during COVID-19.

If you are an entrepreneur and wish to also build an empire during this time, oh wait that is just me… stay tuned for my next post 44 Things To Do For Entrepreneurs | Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

44 Things To Do At Home Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

44 Things To Do At Home Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

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