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6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

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March 30, 2020


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6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

It’s hard to write about anything these days, because I want to be sensitive but I figure this epidemic is temporary and life and love are still going on.

Many engaged couples are simply delaying the engagement shoots and big events… but advice for anyone thinking about an engagement shoot is still relevant and will always be.

People will always fall in love.

So, if you have some extra time on your hands cuddle up and enjoy learning about why engagement shoots are great!

And enjoy Amber & Jeremy’s shoot while you are at it!

So what is the point of an engagement photoshoot? It’s a legit question. Everyone is hopping on the bandwagon, should you?

Engagement photography has become increasingly prevalent in the last 10 years. We didn’t take any 13 years ago when we were engaged, no one really did. But now I would say more than 3/4 of my couples do. There are a lot of reasons that people have for engagement photos . I mean, besides the fact, that’s it’s a once in a lifetime- incredibly joyful, and brief time in your life.

But for the sake for time, let me just highlight the top 6 Reasons You Will Love An Engagement Shoot .

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

1. Get To Know Your Photographer

Engagement shoots are the perfect way to get to know your photographer. Even if your photographer is a friend, you will feel so much more relaxed on your wedding day if you know your photographer’s style and can let go on the wedding day. You can trust they will get shots you love and you’ll be best of friends (if you aren’t already) by the wedding day. Helping you feel relaxed and comfortable. I have an entire post about how I help you comfortable when I shoot – so hop over there to read more! 

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

2. Let Your Photographer Get To Know You

It helps your photographer get to know you in return. Even if you are friends- as a photographer getting to know how our couples react behind the lens is incredibly helpful. During the engagement shoot we have time to get to know your relationship and how you are together. We can find poses that work well for you and good angles and sides so on the rushed wedding day we already know the plan! It puts us at ease too!

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

3. Time To Get Authentic, Creative, and Natural Photos.

The wedding day is more often than not a crazy day full of adventure and fun but it’s also a whirlwind. There isn’t a lot of time on the wedding day to get creative and walk around slowly for photos. Your engagement shoot is the PERFECT time to get creative images, poses you might not have time for on the wedding day, and simply take your time. Once again this is a time to let you and your photographer figure out before hand what poses and angles are most flattering and a win on the wedding day. It really does give you a chance to figure out what side of your face and poses work best and create authentic natural images.

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

4. Hair And Makeup Trial Run

Seriously! Have your hair and makeup trial run. This way you will know how it’s all going to look! At least do your full makeup run and maybe something simliar for your hair. Especially if you are wearing it up on your wedding day you might want to wear it down or half up or a braid for the engagement, however you can get to know your stylist and figure out a similar look that is flattering to your face! 

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

5. Make It A Date!

Many photographers- myself included adore journalistic natural sessions. So make the session an actual date! Bring a picnic, bring your pet, bring a bottle of wine. The best thing you can do for photos is BE YOURSELF. Laugh, play or be moody and serious if that’s you! Let your personality shine through. THEN after the shoot, you are already dolled up and most likely have been kissing a lot…. so go out and have a fancy date night! haha.

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

6. You Will Have A Million Beautiful Quality Photos To Use For Your Wedding

Whether it’s for save the dates, invites, or the worlds best slide show during the reception, you will have the best profession quality photos to use for your wedding. You can make favors with your face… Just saying.

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

Well if those aren’t enough reasons you will love your engagement shoot feel free to leave more in the comments! I have at least another 10 in my mind but alas no one wants to read 16 reasons.

Enjoy Amber and Jeremy’s (and Butters) engagement shoot at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum! We had a fantastic time socially distancing ourselves and wandering the beautiful paths.

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot
6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot
6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot
6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot
6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

6 Reasons You Will Love Your Engagement Shoot

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