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When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot

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September 28, 2020


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When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot

The age-old question – when to schedule my maternity photo shoot? Let’s chat about that today and enjoy Madison and Gastons recent maternity shoot out at Saguaro Lake/Tonto National forest area.

Love isn’t cancelled… It will find a way to GROW! You might have seen the beautiful engagement session I shot for these two back in April (if not, check it out! HERE) Madison and Gaston made the difficult decision to postpone their upcoming nuptials due to COVID-19 and I am so excited to capture their big day next year. And just like I mentioned in April, in thier feature title “Love Isn’t Cancelled” In fact, love has found a way to grow in a new (and so exciting!) way.

Congratulations Madison and Gaston – I am so proud to share your amazing journey as a couple.

So back to the promised topic-I often get asked, “When should I schedule my maternity shoot?”

Let’s dive into that topic in this feature.

So everyone is different and our beautiful magnificent bodies work uniquely. While I can’t say EXACTLY when it’s best for your body to do a shoot I can give you some main tips and general info on the topic.

Schedule your maternity shoot when you have a nice round shape to your belly.

It’s so perfect for those fitted dress shots with the adorable round silhouette shape. That typically happens for most women during your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy (or 30-35 weeks.)

What About Pregnancy Announcements?

If you need the images for announcements some couples will do an “announcement shoot right after getting the first sonogram- Madison and Gaston had me do a few quick shots of that during the engagement shoot- I didn’t post so I wouldn’t’ give away the secret! haha) You can always add on a mini to any package to snag that quick moment in time!

What About Shower Announcements?

If you are hoping to use the images for your baby showers and your body has really popped that shape out you could schedule around 28 weeks. This is really dependent on body type and your goal for that photos.

When Is Too Late?

If you schedule post 37/38 weeks… you might go into early labor and miss that window! You also might like to have your maternity shoot back to share before the baby is born and the editing process is generally a min of 2 weeks for any photographer at the quickest turn around. If it’s busy season a photographer might need 4 weeks! Also around 37 weeks most women start feeling really large and lethargic. You def want to feel some pep in your step before taking on a photoshoot! But that being said I’ve shot plenty of maternity shoots at 37 or even 38 weeks before!

These are all good things to keep in mind for when to schedule your maternity shoot!

While I already mentioned, every pregnancy is different, every mama and every baby, too – so keep in mind your body and your goals for the images.

Either way maternity shoots are the perfect opportunity and excuse to really make this moment about you and celebrating your incredibly body and what amazing things it is capabable of! You are creating LIFE!


Scheduling a prenatal pampering session beforehand so you really look and feel your best. 

Getting your hair and makeup done professionally

Buying a beautiful custom maternity gown.

Schedule and book your newborn session at the same time so you don’t have to worry about that later. Newborn shoots should be shot during the first 10-14 days of life! Read more about preparing for your newborn shoot HERE>

Enjoy Madison and Gastons super magical Saguaro Lake/Tonto National forest maternity shoot and get yours scheduled today!

When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot
When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot
When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot
When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot
When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot
When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot
When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot

When To Schedule My Maternity Shoot

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