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Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session

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December 12, 2020


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Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session

Seriously! So MANY family portraits have been on my schedule over the past month. I’m THRILLED but I really have fallen behind on posting sneak peeks for my family shoots because of it. I can’t seem to catch a moment to breath. But all photographers know TISS the season. Weddings, kids, families, brands and especially all the holiday shoots. We gear up and push forward one day at a time.

I’m just editing and delivering like a maniac over here to get all the images out to the clients so they have time to order cards before the holidays.

My back hurts from sitting so much on my computer but also… my mouth hurts from so much smiling. haha.

I love going over the images I capture for families especially when the kids let loose and let their personalities show up. Catching a moment in time is my whole goal.

Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session

This shoot my trick of the trade for real genuine smiles and silliness was the random stick we found. I used thus mentioned stick to direct the entire shoot. haha. ANYTHING to get the shot my friends. Well not to get “the shot” but to get the personality to emerge. Because that’s my goal on EVERY family session.

To capture life for what it is, all the movement, and joy and silliness. With hopefully a few great everyone looking at me and smiling shots. HAHA. But still at the end of the day my goal is catching a moment in time that truly reflects my clients heart, spirit, and personality.

I call this Papago Park holiday session a win! Enjoy and happy holidays friends.!

Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session
Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session
Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session
Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session

Catching A Moment A Papago Park Holiday Session

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