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Meet Mackennie Class of 2021 A Salt River Desert Graduation Shoot

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April 19, 2021


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Meet Mackennie Class of 2021 A Salt River Desert Graduation Shoot

Meet Mackennie Class of 2021

I’ve been terrible at posting blogs. So here I am at 6 am forcing myself to sit down and share my beautiful photos with the world before I run out for a morning branding shoot then an evening engagement shoot today! lol. I just can’t let circumstances and my non stop schedule stop me from sharing my fabulous shoots and these wonderful stories.

Besides this shoot is INCREDIBLE. This will actually be a class of 2021 graduation shoot to remember this wonderful girls home landscape. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?

Meet Mackennie, a Grand Canyon University class of 2021 graduate. She is going to be a forensic scientist! Isn’t that amazing????? Not only is this a very interesting and specific career, it’s so rare you meet a college graduate who knows exactly what they were made for. Mackennie was so sure of her future she actually finished her degree in 3 years instead of the traditional 4! And to celebrate her accomplishment she booked me for a salt river desert graduation shoot. This Is the perfect location to remember the beauty of her home here in Arizona.

She is going to be here a little while for a job she has accepted, but is then accepting a position in Georgia after this Az temporary position. She is so sad to go and will miss her family a ton, but her future holds high hopes to eventually lead her back home. Apparently forensic science is a hard field to get into here in Phoenix and jobs are limited. So hold out some luck and well wishes for her to find her way back soon!

I love getting to know my clients and learning about thier lives, hopes, fears, and dreams.

This graduation shoot with Mackennie was so lovely. Not only is she kind and fun but she shared her life with me. And that is a precious gift that just makes me LOVE my career too. So thanks Mackennie for sharing a small moment of your life with me, I am sure our paths will cross again! Godspeed and good luck!!!!

Meet Mackennie Class of 2021

Meet Mackennie Class of 2021 A Salt River Desert Graduation Shoot

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