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Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher

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June 27, 2022


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Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher

Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher

I’ve been so far behind on blogging because I’ve been out of state enjoying life apart from my career and now I’m scrambling to get back in the groove! But this blog post makes that job easy!

Because… I get to introduce you to my newest branding client- Dr Adrian Fletcher!

Dr Adrian is a psychologist, speaker, writer and mental health advocate on a mission to save lives through the power of vulnerability. AND… she’s awesome, down to earth, and incredibly relatable!

Okay let me tell you a little more about Dr Adrian from the wonder woman herself-

“I am a licensed psychologist, consultant, inspirational speaker, and writer. I aspire to share my journey of resiliency and healing from trauma as both a human and professional with lived experience of dissociative identities. “

Dr Adrian’s Website

“I help individuals and communities break the myths and stigmas surrounding mental health challenges. My biggest hope is that my story of recovery can be of hope and inspiration to others. I want to relay the message that you are not alone regardless of a diagnosable condition. In powerful messaging, I offer a different perspective from the lens of both client and therapist. It is important to me that others are seen, heard, and validated. I am deeply enthusiastic about providing consultation and education to therapists, private practices, and facilities. “

More on her speaking-

“I enjoy speaking to groups of people within and outside of mental health to motivate, educate, and inspire others in reaching their goals and dreams. “

More from her heart…

” I believe that all things are possible. I want people to shine their light and live the life they are wholeheartedly meant to live- strive to serve the collective community with vulnerability, transparency and authenticity.”


“I believe these are the necessary ingredients to creating a safer and more enjoyable world for all of us.”

A big thank you to our mutual friend Lindsey Schwartz of Powerhouse Women for connecting us. Linds always knows the right people to connect 🙂

Adrian and I had a really wonderful evening sweating to death together in the desert and helping her step out of her comfort zone and truly enjoy the experience of taking these photos! Well, enjoy it as much as someone can! haha.

No one really LOVES the camera… well unless that is your gift in life. To shine in front of a camera or stage! But honestly- it’s few and far between. So friends- it’s okay! You aren’t alone pushing yourself to show up in this way. But this is what I THRIVE at. Helping people feel comfortable, have fun and shine.

So thanks Adrian for trusting me with this project! I can’t wait to see these photos ALL over your website and social! I hope they inspire others to show up and shine, and I hope they help you feel seen!



Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher
I am a big fan of her positive affirmation outfits she brought on her shoot. They are so pretty, encouraging, and downright FUN!
Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher
Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher
Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher
Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher
Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher

Shine Your Light Meet Dr Adrian Fletcher

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