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The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima

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July 1, 2022


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The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima

The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima

I am back again with another branding shoot today!!!! And I get to re-introduce you to my dear friend Erica!

You might have met Erica on my blog before because I have done several family sessions for her. Not only here in Phoenix (where we met) abut also in California because after here she moved to New York from the valley then she relocated to beautiful southern cali.

We have stayed in touch and have made it a point to see each other and she has made it a point to support my photography business for years.

Well the day has come for Erica to enter my world of small business ownership!

Erica has launched out on her own after almost a decade of working for other practices she has started her own therapy practice! And of course I couldn’t be more thrilled and honor to be the first to photograph her “branding” images.

I believe that branding photography and lifestyle headshots are a crucial part of growing as a small business. They can be powerful.

People want to know YOU. People want relationship. They want to know the face of who they will be working with not an empty profile or a bunch of words. There is no connection there. But, they also want more than just a smiling “headshot”. They want to feel a connection with the person, they want to know more. I believe that photos can have power and they CAN make this connection. It’s all about getting comfortable, moving around, letting your personality come out, location, and even wardrobe. Everything speaks. I truly believe photos are windows to the soul. And if the photographer cares about this and tries to help you show up- then you can. And I do care. Deeply. So I help my clients show up and create power and connection with their photos. I’m so thrilled to have shot these images for Erica so she can post them on psychology today, her website, profiles, and even social media. Images that say who she is and help people feel connected. And when they feel connected they work with Erica, and when they work with Erica… well healing happens. Because Erica is an amazing human and incredibly great at helping people find healing.

So when I got a text from Erica “when will you be back in the so-cal area? Because I LAUNCHED my practice and I need photos!” I was over the moon.

And I of course immediately said YES.- I’ll be there in June. But shhhh. No family sessions this time. lol

Not because I didn’t want to offer shoots to my regular clients, but honestly I just REALLY needed a break and me time. 2022 has been a year of at capcity… like every single week… No breaks. So I needed it.

But shooting Erica’s branding photos didn’t feel like work! It felt like fun girl time with a dear friend who I am SO incredibly proud of for making this leap into entrepreneurship. Going out on your own is scary. It’s hard. It’s defiantly uncomfortable. Now not only are you having to offer the service you are confident you can provide; but also be a business owner and worry about taxes, websites, profiles, clients, processes and ALL the things! But that is why I am here! For now it’s Branding Photos for her to get started but I know my Finding Joy Consulting company will be able to help Erica grow even more when the times comes.

I am so happy to be here in Erica’s corner. Because I believe in her. I love this woman. I know she is changing lives and I’m proud to capture these images to help her online audience SEE her.

I also wanted to include a little about Erica & her practice:

Reconnect to your authentic self & learn to trust your intuition“Why am I like this?” “Will it ever change?” “What will others’ think?” “What if they see the real me?” Do you often feel unheard, misunderstood or rejected from people you’re close with? Do you fear people will see you as “too needy” or “selfish?” so you’d rather hide or suppress your own needs? Caught between people-pleasing & carrying everyone else’s’ feelings as your own.

I see you. I see how suffocating, and lonely this can feel.

Maybe its hard to see who you are, or where you end and others begin.

I get what it feels like to be trapped in the cycles of self-abandonment, shame and guilt. 

You deserve a chance to heal & rediscover your voice. 

Intersectional BIPOC identities are valued and honored here.

Okay that’s all friends! Enjoy the photos, leave some love in the comments and please visit Erica’s website! (I’m sure these photos will grace the pages as soon as I can finish editing them all and get them to her!)


The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima
The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima
The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima
The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima
The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima
The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima
The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima

The Power Of Branding Photography Meet Erica Lima

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