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Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot

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July 25, 2022


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Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot

Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot

So I bet you all thought I only photographed female entrepreneurs for branding photography right???? Well… NOPE. I do actually DO have male clients and plenty of team photo shoots too. But not as many.

Most of my clients ARE female entreprenuers. Being a female entrepreneur myself with a background in film photography tends to bring in a female audience looking for light, bright airy photos. But I LOVE all styles of photography and serving a wide variety of clients.

So I was more than happy to capture Rajesh’s new headshots for his company headshots but also for his upcoming acting headshots! I can’t wait to see which ones he picks!

I want to talk about lighting in this blog, because we had a super overcast HOT day in July.

We are coming up on monsoon season here in Arizona and as a result the sun can be pretty flakey as it comes and goes pretty quick. I am not talking about the cute puffy clouds that create some dynamic range but rather flat dark overcast images that create a murky dreary effect in the light particles. I would call this overcast. And it’s my least favorite light to shoot in.

I realize that photographers are all over the board for what type of weather they like to shoot in.

Some photogs love clouds and even overcast days and say the coverage gives them a free filter from the sun! lol. And then there is me who is a sun chaser. I LOVE the sun. A bright sunny day creates really clear sharp images with plenty of color and even those gorgeous sun flares for my style of photography.

All that being said, let’s talk about what to do and how to make an overcast day your friend. It really has everything to do with editing & mood.

So overcast is my least favorite as I mentioned above because it makes murky images, it can bring out pores & skin imperfections, wrinkles, cast shadows under the eyes etc. BUT it can also (if edited correctly) make a really interesting dynamic moody photo!!! So I’ve learned to edit a bit differently and produce a more moody image. And this actually really works super well right now because MOOD is in friends!

So remember, just because there is no sun out during your shoot, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should reschedule your photos! Indeed the opposite depending on your style & goals.

Todays goal was headshots and the best part about the filtered overcast sky was that we could shoot in almost any direction even when it would have typically been pure sunlight in the wrong direction. So we were able to make use of many places I don’t typically shoot in the morning… whcih was asl good because when we showed up 90% of the places I had set to shoot were under construction! EEK.

So I’m actually super happy for the clouds as we had plenty of spots to shoot!

Okay I’m done with my light lesson. lol. Enjoy Rajesh’s headshots!

Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot
Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot
Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot
Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot
Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot
Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot

Clouds And Mood A Scottsdale Headshot Photoshoot

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