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3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot

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December 9, 2022


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3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot

I am so far behind on blogging it’s pathetic! I’m dying to show off all the amazing work I’ve produced over the last month! Alas this is the normal ebb and flow of a photographers life however. It’s winter and the holiday shoots are in full swing and I’m just trying to keep my head above water so clients don’t have to wait months for their photos! ha. I really do my best to focus on getting the images into my clients hands especially for the holidays since many are printing cards and then waiting for snail mail to deliver their adorable faces to all their friends & family!

On top of family holiday sessions I also have plenty of brands making content for the holidays over the course of September & October. And today I have one of those holiday branding clients to show off!

I am especially proud of this shoot with stylist Risa Kostis. Not only because Risa and I tend to make magic together, but also because she said she wanted a straight up classic editorial look. And I am here for it!

3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot

I don’t have a plethora of clients requesting studio shoots and then even when I do I don’t have a high demand for harsh editorial lighting. But when those clients ask I DELIVER! And I LOVE it!

It’s really fun to do something out of my daily routine. And don’t get me wrong, you will still see me 9 out of 10 times tromping around in the desert at golden hour lol. But I ALSO love to produce straight up magazine editorial looks!

So I thought I would use this blog to give clients considering an editorial look a few tips & tricks for a successful shoot.

1. The Lights Are So Bright But They Don’t Blind Me (but they will blind you)

Yeah- Taylor Swift needs a highlight (always). But truth- the light strobes are VERY hot when we take off the covers to produce the shadows & highlights. And the closer to the client the more dramatic the light & shadow effect. Be prepared to be really hot while we are shooting. It’ll be WORTH it!

2. Go For Edgy High Fashion Wardrobe & Poses To Give It The Full Effect

Of course Risa is a professional stylist so she has ALL the looks. Remember she does offer online style coaching and you can purchase hourly virtual styling to have her help you find those vibes. Or if you don’t need help finding a look and just want to have her stamp of approval she has a single style question service too! BOOK HERE

But either way -look for up to date fashion trends and show off your most sassy look my friend.

And then please trust your photographer for posing! The more creative the pose the more editorial & fashionable the shot will turn out! Don’t be afraid to have fun!

3. Be Prepared For Taking Our Time

Editorial studio shoots take more time & are a slower process than our traditional light and airy outdoor quick moving shoots. They are slow going. We need time to set up the lights, test & adjust the light, perfect the pose, and set the scene.

Okay those are just 3 tiny tips. I have more but for now I need to go write about another 20 blog features to catch up from Sep-October! haha. I have another styled editorial shoot I did with Cayla Gray & Sam Harper for their new collab perfume shoot so stay tuned for that!

And thank you again Risa for always trusting me, for having the BEST outfits, sweating to death in front of my lights, and loving me. You are the BEST!

Okay friends go ahead and drop dead for these photos with me! And follow @risakostis for more!

3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot
3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot
3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot
3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot
3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot
3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot
3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot

3 Tips For Perfecting An Editorial Studio Photoshoot

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