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The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar

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March 9, 2023


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The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar

The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar

Omgosh the day is HERE!

My client Coach Dar’s best seller “The Art of Bouncing Back” is officially printed & shipping to all the pre-sales AND available for you to purchase right now on AMAZON!

You don’t want to miss this one friends. I will be holed up for days reading this. This woman has a WEALTH of beautiful depth, insight, wisdom and love to share. And now you can soak it up in her first publication!


I am so proud and honored to have been along for the ride from the very beginning and before.

Dar has been so loyal and loving to me. She has believed in me, not only with her words, but with her business, over and over. Which as a creative entrepreneur is EVERYTHING. We have been on the journey of leveling her up together. And it’s been so insanely fun!

From our first last-minute impromptu shoot for the cover of Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine to the years of shoots we have now done together to this AMAZING editorial shoot! We have danced, probably cried, laughed and sweat together for the past few years and every shoot just keeps getting better and BETTER. Creating content with my clients is very personal and I work insanely hard to create their image into what they want it to be.

But let’s take a moment and talk about this LEVEL up.

It wouldn’t happen without the one and only Risa Kostis. Risa & I have been a team on many of these shoots. And working on a team is something many entrepreneurs don’t get to do. I am THRILLED when clients work with Risa & I together.

They can truly take their image to the next level when they invest in a creative agency/photography studio like I offer but ALSO when they pair it with a personal stylist.

We get to be on a creative process together- from our pre-shoot planning meetings, my vision boards, to bringing in a stylist on wardrobe to find the EXACT and perfect looks for the client. That is when the WHOLE vision becomes dialed in.

As I have grown into a full creative agency, every detail was thought out for this shoot.

  • I gathered info for Dar’s goals for the next quarter & came up with a shot list/idea board
  • selected a studio I thought would work for the vision (of course the Good Vibe Studio)
  • started a visual vision board
  • hosted several creative meetings with Risa to dial those boards in
  • created a timeline for the half day shoot
  • research poses that worked with each outfit & the clients vision
  • purchased props & backdrops

Then Risa spent endless hours hunting for the perfect pieces for Dar to wear and picking them up, shipping them, fittings, returns, figuring out filler pieces, changes of plans… I can’t even list all the things Risa does for these shoots.

We worked together make these boards come to life. And I am THRILLED with these shots!

Some of these images are used in the book but we actually took the author shots at our last amazing shoot together… (with Risa of course!) I have yet to blog that shoot from the spring. haha. I will get around to posting those when I have downtime! (when that will be… I’ll never know)

At the end of the day, I am SO proud to be a part of Dar’s life & journey. Creatively helping her show up as the best version of herself is the biggest compliment and honor.

Okay so go buy her BOOK!!! NOW! Okay BYYYEEEE.

The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar
The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar

The Art Of Bouncing Back With Coach Dar

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