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Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren

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June 20, 2023


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Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren

Hi friends! I have another shoot for you today!

As a 20 year seasoned photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing countless types of photography from engagements, weddings, maternity, newborn, families, editorial, pets, and tons of brands. Throughout all my experiences and types of photography I offer-one thing remains throughout it all –

I help my clients tell a story, form a memory, and capture their personality through my lens.

I do this mostly by helping my clients channel the whole reason they are doing the photos, who they are speaking to, and what they are trying to remember when they look back. And also, just relaxing and having fun!

Today’s shoot was super fun because it was for my friend Lauren!

We met when we attended church together only a few months after I moved to Arizona in 2014 and for many years after. So it’s been 9 years of running in the same circle and learning more about each other and living life together.

Lauren finished seminary during our friendship and started a career at Paradise Valley United Methodist church as the Executive Pastor.

We actually attend her church when we can make a Sunday happen and it’s always great to see her in her space loving people and sharing funny stories & truths. She’s a wonderful pastor and I was thrilled when she said she would like to refresh her photos!

Also a personal tangent… her church is phenomenal and she’s a wonderful pastor. Because it is one of the first churches I’ve been to that loves EVERYONE, accepts everyone, ( I’m talking LGBTQ+ community here people – which is very hard to find in the christian church space) and ALSO isn’t stuffy or boring. haha. They have a traditional service for those who love the liturgical and more traditional roots of the Methodist church but they also have a contemporary service with beautiful music, a live band, and a smaller tight-knit community of lovely people as well! We love the contemporary service personally but enjoy the traditional one for Easter & Christmas! It’s worth checking out if you are looking for a church!

back to the photos now! haha.

From the moment we began discussing her vision for the headshots, I of course envisioned Lauren’s authenticity, warmth and personality coming out through the images.

Thankfully Lauren was of course on board as she also understands the importance of first impressions, particularly in the digital age, where a website and media serves as a virtual front door for a community and those who see the image first before meeting her.

Lauren’s desire for a refresh was more than just an aesthetic update; it was a reflection of her commitment to her congregation and reaching out to those seeking a community.

During the photoshoot, I was so proud of Lauren. It’s SOOOO hard and awkward and nervewrecking to be in photos. But she pushed herself to show up and I asked her just to think about and focus on the people that would be viewing this image. What did she want to say to them?

Her genuine smile and fun presence were magnetic, instantly putting those around her at ease- including total strangers. haha She definitely had several people tell her she was radiant! haha. With each click of the shutter, I could see her confidence growing, as she embraced her goal and allowed her true self to shine through. I was so honored to capture her personality and tell a small part of her story.

In the end, it is not just about the technical aspects of photography (which I have worked 20 years to perfect) but even farther… it’s about understanding the person in front of the lens. I have to help them show up and shine through. And I LOVE it.

Thanks Lauren for trusting me and I hope these images bring life to you and all that view them!

Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren
Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren
Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren
Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren
Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren
Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren
Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren

Telling A Story And Capturing Personalities Meet Lauren

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