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How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos

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July 18, 2023


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How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos

How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos

WOW. It’s hot yall. And these mama’s having July babies are to be worshiped for their endurance and just for showing up at life at all. haha. Like this mama!

This baby’s parents have been loyal clients since their engagement, wedding, maternity and now newborn! I feel so honored to be entrusted with capturing their journey from lovebirds to a growing family.

During our time together, Amber (mama) confided in me about the difficulty of motivating herself to prepare for a photoshoot bot for the maternity shoot (VIEW THAT HERE) and for the newborn shoot. Not only was it hot for both shoots but you really don’t feel your best when you are forever pregnant and then coved in sweat and milk and all things newborn. haha.. I get it! The anticipation and effort can often feel overwhelming.

However, she shared that each time she pushes through those doubts and hesitations, she is rewarded with a sense of joy and amazement at the final results (and that makes my heart EXTRA happy) It reminded me of the power of capturing these fleeting moments and the profound impact they have on families. Even when it’s hot, even when it’s hard, even when it’s the LAST thing you want to do!

So I thought I would share some ideas to beat the summer heat if you are having a summer baby!

As fate would have it, this baby -Nate- was the first baby boy I photographed this summer, as all my previous sessions had been with adorable little girls. It’s also our first July baby. And yes it was hot for my three June babies and even for our May baby… but MAN July is HOT.

1. Book A Studio

One of the first things I did was recommend my favorite local nursery studio space. Complete with natural colors & decor, with natural light but not too much to keep it cool!

This would save the family exhaustion trying to clean their home! Also as much as I love outdoor newborn photography for creamy skin tones and light and airy ambience it’s just not doable for summer babies.

2. Turn Up The Fan & A/C

Of course thankfully the studio kept their air up as much as they could to combat the heat but we also had access thankfully to a rotating fan. it helped cool us down and also created the perfect sleep noise!

3. Soft Lightweight Swaddles

I love working with Tiny Twinkle, they make a beautiful swaddle that is made with the luxurious Kaffle fabric, adding an extra touch of comfort and style. This traditional Korean, argyle-jacquard weave is unbelievably soft and gentle on a baby’s delicate skin AND it’s breathable and lightweight fabric ensured Nate’s comfort throughout the session, while its durability promised that these cherished swaddles would withstand the test of time.

I also gift the swaddles to the clients post shoot! We got two swaddle looks on Nate during this shoot too!

Those are just a few ideas to beat the heat for summer baby newborn photos but mostly it’s just keeping indoors and turning up that AC!

Despite Nate’s reluctance to drift off into slumber, (he never did actually sleep on our 2 hour session) we managed to capture some incredibly precious moments. It’s in these unplanned, candid moments that true magic happens always. My shoot are lifestyle focused anyways so it worked just fine! And to make Nates shoot super extra cute- I had bought him my favorite handcrafted heirloom doll from Cuddle and Kind. Not only do these dolls exude timeless charm, but every purchase also provides meals for ten children in need. It’s heartwarming to see companies with a social conscience. And I support them for all my year long newborn packages!

As I bid farewell to Nate and his family, I left with a heart brimming with gratitude. Being a witness to the love and growth within families is an incredible privilege. The journey of documenting Nate’s first year will continue, and I eagerly anticipate the memories we will create together.

How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos
How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos
How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos
How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos

How To Beat The Heat During Summer Newborn Photos

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