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An Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea Birthday Party

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October 12, 2023


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An Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea Birthday Party

Hello, lovely readers! Today, I want to take you on a whimsical journey into a world of afternoon teas, tiny sandwiches, everyone is mad, and every cup tells a story. (Literally because we asked the guests to bring a tea cup!)

It was an afternoon to remember, as we celebrated our dear friend Ali’s 40th birthday with an “Ali in Wonderland” tea party.

It transported us straight into the pages of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale.

More About The Setting & Vibe

To create the perfect Wonderland setting a few things were key. I gathered my simple card tables with a mix of Ali’s chairs, lending an eclectic and charming vibe to the party. The pièce de résistance was the alluring collection of vintage china, teapots, and dishware, lovingly passed down from my grandparents and Ali’s. All of this was essential to creating an enchanting tea-sipping experience.

Another favorite decor and was deconstructing books & music books to create the table runner! Seriously fun!

Let’s Talk treats!

Sweet Dee’s Bakeshop outdid themselves again! They made authentic English scones, themed sugar cookies, GF donuts, raspberry tarts, and macarons that were nothing short of divine. And to complement our delightful pastries, we sourced the finest tea and jams from our local farmers’ market, ensuring an authentic English tea experience. Our friend Liz made all the adorable and delicious tiny sandwiches and trays of other amazing food- both gluten free & regular options!

What About That Photo Backdrop?

One of the highlights of the day was our enchanting photo book backdrop. Crafted with repurposed wood stakes and a mountain of old books, it was a visual masterpiece. We adorned it with eucalyptus leaves, branches from my own tree! On the way in the morning I stopped by the grocery store for fresh flowers too, bringing Wonderland’s natural beauty to life.

As an event planner and photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more delightful theme to work with. As a dear friend of birthday girl I was delighted to help bring this afternoon tea party to life!

“Ali in Wonderland” was a magical journey through time and imagination! And celebrating a dear friend and creating memories that will last a lifetime was the icing on top. After all, who says turning 40 can’t be an adventure down the rabbit hole? Cheers to tea, friendship, and the wonder that lies in every corner of life!

An Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea Birthday Party
An Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea Birthday Party

An Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea Birthday Party

Party Planning @ Fully Alive Events (aka me)

Wardrobe –Everyone wore a themed costume! My dress was one I already had and I paired it with floral socks I cut the feet off of from Amazon.

Photobooth @ Fully Alive Photography (aka me)

Treats & Sparkle Drinks @ Sweet Dees Bakeshop

I hope you enjoyed this production! 

For more inspo check out other party blogs on my site!

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