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September 5, 2018


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Hi there! Welcome to the Fully Alive Photography blog, a journal about our clients, shoots, and my own personal life. Stay a while and say hello!

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Dream Catchers Achieving Your Biggest Goals An Inspired Authors Story

I have the coolest friends!!!!!! Seriously? Today I want you to “meet” my friend Corinna.

Corinna has been a professional makeup artist and expert for more than 20 years.

She is incredibly cool.

I mean, for just starters, he has been around the world for photo shoots, commercials, TV, film, and celebrity work. She also has a freaking sweet New Zealand accent. lol. Not important, I know, but totally adds to her already brilliant charm. (Read more about Corinna HERE)

Just like me, Corinna loves all things beautiful. She is obsessed with helping brides feel gorgeous and making the best art she can. I recommend her to every bride and engagement, and family and commercial client, really just everyone. See this amazing shoot she partnered with me on? Ode To Audrey

She loves giving advice and recommendations for skin care and so much more on her website.

I am SO lucky to call her friend. Our professional relationship is awesome, but even more our friendship.

We met a few years ago when our mutual friend Victoria Canada planned a styled and fun football shoot for Emma Magazine.

Corinna was on makeup and I was on photography. I remember the second Victoria said ” you two should be friends, you’d really get along”. That was the moment of truth. lol. I am so thankful to Victoria for introducing us, because somehow we ended up very good friends.

Football Party Publication HERE

Super Bowl Bingo Printable’s HERE.

I respect the hell out of this woman. She is strong, brave, beautiful, down to earth, incredible fun and free-spirited.

Corinna is a phenomenal mom that has put her son first since the day he was born. She has had ups and downs and all around. She has shared her life like an open book with me and has been a safe place for me to share likewise. I love every moment I spend with her, I could listen to her on repeat with her dazzling accent and fun-loving spirit.

You know what the coolest part is? She’s a goal digger! A dream reacher! And she doesn’t let life get her down. She is truly an inspiring and strong woman.

You see, Corinna isn’t “only” a makeup artist & beauty expert, she is also an international traveler. She doesn’t keep her travels and expertise to herself. Instead, she shares it with her millions of readers and even more shares it with women who want to travel to Italy. She has been leading tours to Italy for women on her “Glam Italia” tours for years now. I am going one of these days!

And today I want to share her newest achievement.

Wait for it……

Corinna is a published AUTHOR!

Yup, and not just any run of the mill author.

She wrote an incredibly quirky, fun, and practical book

” Glam Italia, How to Travel Italy”

Glam Italia How to Travel Italy by Corinna Cooke

and it’s AMAZING!!!!! Here is a little excerpt

“Does your dream vacation seem out of reach? Discover stress-free, cost-saving, fabulous secrets for planning the ultimate Italian getaway.
Do you want to see the glamorous side of Italy but think it’s out of your budget? Does preparing for international travel leave you feeling anxious? Do you worry about falling into a tourist trap? Italian travel guide and blogger Corinna Cooke has years of experience creating glamorous private vacations throughout every corner of the country. And now she’s here to share her insider tips so you can make the most of your Italian adventure.
Glam Italia! How to Travel Italy is your all-in-one guide for crafting your personalized dream vacation.”

It’s NOTHING like any other travel book. If you are going to Italy, buy it! If you want to just read it because it’s awesome, well it’s for sale on Amazon. It’s not only on Amazon, it’s also a best seller! Already hundreds of copies have been purchased. Go buy it like right now, for realz…lol.

Another kinda cool thing… I took her author shot! Super fun right?

Anyways, I can stop raving now. But I really am super proud of her, and think she’s totally awesome. So I needed to share this story with you. If you love Corinna like I do you can reach her here: Remember to drop by her website and buy her awesome book!

Just sayin… we have fun.

Dream Catchers Achieving Your Biggest Goals An Inspired Authors Story

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Want to see a beautiful wedding & engagement Corinna & I did together that was published? We have more if you want to see!

Love & Rain | A Black Tie Camby Event {Elliot + Nicole}

A Grand Love | Destination Engagement {As Seen in Arizona Weddings Magazine}


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