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44 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do NOW To Thrive Later Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

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April 9, 2020


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44 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do Now To Thrive Later Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

In the words of Peg + Cat ” I’M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT… now let’s count backwards from 10 and figure out the problem” Can you tell I’ve been subjected to a lot of PBS kids? Haven’t we all?

Honestly if my kid finished first grade by watching PBS kids I’d be happy (don’t worry I’m not letting that happen… entirely) That channel is full of great educational shows, shows like Peg + Cat -that teach kids it’s okay to freak out it’s totally normal, just simply use counting and math to calm down and you’ll always solve the problem.

We could all use a little calming down and solving problems these days.

Are you suddenly in a place of zero income? Did operations halt because you have in person sales? I am… I currently have very minimal income and minimal business for the unforeseeable future. But I’m only going to freak out for half a second and then figure out the best way to solve the problem and MOVE forward with joy and gratitude.

The best way we can solve the problem is to stay home, find joy, practice gratitude and carry on. Right? Also you can partake in my 44 things to do at home if you need laughter and light before you slay the day.

This post is less silly but hopefully still encouraging and idea invoking!

It is simply to provide thoughts, inspire you, and in general help you feel encouraged.

If at any time the idea of doing even one of these things is overwhelming…Simply let yourself off the hook and breath.

I’m not doing all these things. I’m certainly not doing them every day.

This is a tricky time and many of us actually have LESS time because of kids and partners that can’t seem how to figure out how to cook their own meals. You are suddenly pivoting, poor, maintaining some work you still have (maybe you have more work on your plate) and let’s just not even mentioning homeschooling. So I GET IT. Maybe this post isn’t for you.

If it doesn’t spark joy… walk on by. Or slow down and in the tune of “baby shark do do dododo” it’s “baby steps do do do dododo”

As photographer primarily and small business educator, I am use to ebb and flow for work. I have seasons and off seasons, especially as a photographer. I am use to gaps in world for a season. As such, I have practiced saving and budgeting REALLY well for down times such as these.

This is a little more tricky because this is actually normally busy season and it’s hard to promote my offerings during this economical downslide and health concerns, also a lot of my planned and expected income is all getting moved later in the year and some are entirely canceled because of travel restrictions. And by the grace of God I hope most of that income still comes in even when it’s 120 degrees in August, people will get married, travel to see family and do shoots, and all my entrepreneur content members still need content! They will need it even more, and I will be here even if I have to wear a fanny pack full of ice packs!

So we just have to survive a few months with minimal or zero income…and children around our ankles… like the rest of the world. WE’VE GOT THIS.

So if you like me, are in a place of low income and low business happening until you can be with other humans, this is the exact downtime (if it’s downtime) you need to boost business later by setting yourself up for success and a system when it’s go time again! (Even if you are full up to your ears read on and see if there is something you can do to come back strong post quarantine.)

So let me share my joy and spark creativity during this crazy time-

Here is my list of 44 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do Now to survive, thrive, and prepare themselves for when the world opens back up!

44 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do Now To Thrive Later Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

  1. Build an Empire (kidding- kinda)
  2. Practice Gratitude by walking all over your home and property touching everything and being grateful for it. For example: I’m so grateful for this wall that shelters me, oven I can cook in, door that opens and closes, windows that let in light. But for real I’ve been doing this since I was little or anytime I start to feel pessimistic. I remember the things I have and suddenly I am so much more powerful and joyful! It’s insane how much gratitude even for the little things changes your mindset.
  3. Shower and take care of yourself EVERY morning. Seriously. It’s important and I do it and I feel ready for the day.
  4. Put all your genius dreams to paper– writing things down helps!
  5. Plan your year out now that it shifted.
  6. Plan next year! It’s going to look different. What can you change for the better?
  7. Routine Routine Routine. Nail down a healthy daily flow/routine/schedule (If you have kids like me help them practice routine too!)
  8. Book a mastermind and learn something specific during downtime
  9. Teach yourself/research email marketing (I’ve been doing this)
  10. Start that Email list!
  11. Start your blog (or expand it)
  12. Research your industry and stay in the know
  13. Research gear (For me that means new cameras and technology and teaching software)
  14. Up your skills for yourself if you don’t have clients! (practice your craft – for me that means I keep taking photos and writing education/helpful blog posts!)
  15. Ask your audience what they want
  16. Redo your website– or heck build a new one with your genius ideas.
  17. Learn how to use Zoom (It’s SUPER easy!)
  18. Zoom a friend in the same industry to see how they are handling it.
  19. Join a Community via Zoom. I’ve been LOVING @powerhousewomen every Tuesday & Thursday 5pm PST Lindsey is showing up live on zoom. It’s free, it’s powerful, it’s a great community! Follow Powerhouse Women on Instagram for details!
  20. Update Your Plan for Social Media I use planoly and need to redo it based on the current mood.
  21. Redo your Instagram Bio to fit with the new upcoming analytics (Check out @creativelabel because they will tell you EXACTLY what to do!)
  22. Finally invest in a system for your business!!!!! and learn the ropes. I use Pixifi for my business.
  23. If you don’t want to teach yourself a system, hire someone that is an expert on systems that work (Shameless plug for my friend and client: Liz Illg ( she is a system pro!)
  24. Organize your computer and mobile device so you can clear up processing power! Mine is a MESS.
  25. Get on top of your accounting. If you hire an accountant now is a good time to get familiar with your finances so you at least know what’s going down. It’s not wise to not know.
  26. Consider other income streams. What are you good at? What do people need. THIS IS A BIG ONE. The Coach Dar said something along the lines of “where your talents/skills meet this world’s needs” I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I do really think I have a unique skill with photography and the arts. I am able to meet the worlds need thought that. But I also have a voice that I think could help millions of people… that I don’t use.. because I’m afraid.
  27. Show Up for your Audience. Here I am today showing up with that voice that I am afraid of. haha.
  28. Visualize your dream office updates. Draw out your she shed already!
  29. Vision BOARD. I hear they work miracles
  30. Read/Audio business books and/or books of inspiration
  31. Learn Facebook Business Manager and attempt not to cry and curse while you do it. I HATE this platform FYI. I don’t even remember setting it up but apparently instagram and facebook are now ONE> UGH. Way to ruin instagram…
  32. Find the bottlenecks on your business and plan around those pitfalls
  33. Figure out WHO you might need to help your business thrive? What is missing? Content? Education in an area?
  34. Consider a mastermind
  35. Consider photo and video for your upcoming content
  36. Tentatively schedule and book photo and video NOW… before the fall and winter are booked full everywhere. I know I am mostly booked up for August-Dec tentatively.
  37. Write a blog of all YOUR ideas to help and inspire your audience
  38. Drink plenty of coffee ( I mean WATER….)
  39. Eat healthy. Diet is SOOOO important for resilience and mindset.
  40. Be sure to move your body, yoga, workout, just get that heart rate up- It will clear your mind and help you work better.
  41. Make your bed and declutter your house every day you can manage it because it’s also your sanctuary and a clean organized home equals a clean organized mind. VERY hard with kids… but we are still making our bed, doing the dishes, and picking up general areas daily before sitting down to work.
  42. Educate yourself on current small business aid
  43. Apply for the SBA EIDL advance (My next blog post is ALL about this!!!!!)
  44. Have Fun. Like dress up in every piece of leopard print attire you own- It really gets you in a sassy mood to slay the day.

Haven’t started that dream business but you really want to? But maybe you are too lost and overwhelmed. Book me to help you with my LAUNCH course! I’m now offering this via ZOOM calls and we can split up the workshop into several days. I can work around your schedule and wandering children!

44 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do Now To Thrive Later Sharing Joy Not COVID-19

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