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Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women

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April 16, 2020


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Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women

Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women

Today I am going to simply share some things I have been doing to find joy during Covid-19 and lift my can-do spirit and grit!

This hasn’t been easy for anyone. It’s getting harder in some ways! The sudden stay at home order was an adjustment like a storm where you were in survival mode. Now the monotony has settled in with the manic despair. Okay I’m being extreme… well maybe not for everyone. So what have I been doing to survive AND thrive during the time?

Plug into a community and hold on TIGHT!

I’ve been focused on living IN community even when I am isolated physically we live in a day and age that we can digitally gather! How lucky are we? No need to go crazy alone. Find some friends to go crazy with you!

I have joined a local community of women I love called Powerhouse Women.

Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women
From Lindsey’s Mastermind @Staywithstylescottsdale

Over the past year (since I met Lindsey- when I photographed the content used to promote her, Sage Aubrey, and Risa Kostis Style Snax Event. ) I have been invested in her movement of women empowerment and connection. I can’t believe I’ve been here 5 years and hadn’t found them yet!

That was the best day of my 2019 year because these women have been so wonderful and supportive to me. And I am honored to call them friends.

Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women
This is Lindsey! Isn’t her smile contagious?

So anyways, Lindsey Schwartz, the founder of Powerhouse Women, has been hosting to-die for live-podcast/zoom connection calls every Tuesday and Thursday 5pm (PST) since we all had to scatter socially.

These calls have been INVALUABLE. She’s an amazing communicator and has the most amazing guest speakers on intermittently.

Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women

So far the best things I’ve been encouraged by in my community:

From Lindsey:

You aren’t alone. We are actually ALL in this together. We are all struggling what to write about, blog about, post about. Community. Again. Because this is what Lindsey does best!

Dream On Girl! This week we worked on our Unicorn Dreams. If you haven’t been to any of Lindsey’s events you will need to seek her out to find out more about this fun process.

From Chris Harder

Abundance mindset. Let’s PIVOT and find opportunity. Let’s make the most of this. Yes it will be hard but it will be well worth it. Think outside the box. Where is opportunity. It’s all around us. Chris talked a lot about this abundance mindset and focus on the good that can come out of this time.

From Coach Dar:

The 5 G’s. God, Goals,Grit, Gratitude, Generosity. I can’t even with this one. What an inspiration centered woman! I would highlight recommend you follow her and learn more about each of these. But what I took most energy out of was GRIT. Because I’ve got it. I’ve had it my whole life and I forget… then I remind myself. And then I get back in the game. Because I’ve got what it takes. (Self pep talk) and GRADITUDE. I’ve had a gratitude centered life since I was a child. I took all the good out of pollyanna and applied it literally. I’ve spent the majority of my life finding things I’m grateful for. Even when it’s just the fact that I have running water and a lovely mostly leek proof roof over my head.

From Creative Label:

What can I do with social media and how can I continue to thrive and grow. What’s okay to talk about, what does my audience want?

I just wanted to briefly share what I am learning in hopes to encourage you that this time as hard, exhausting, scary and pivital time… it’s a season as coach dar says… It’s a COMMA, not a period. And after the comma life is going on, what are we going to do to make it a better life????

From Jess Ekstrom

I learned all about the amazing things this woman is doing between her company Headbands of Hope and mask donations. Also her book Chasing the Bright side! This was surely a positive evening!

Her can do attitude and positive thought process was so encouraging! My favorite quotes: “New Problems = New Solutions” “Optimism is the new grit!”

From Prosecco and Pajamas evening (because yes Lindsey is this awesome)

Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women
My cute pajamas- I should have worn summer pajamas I was sweating to death during th dancing part.

From Tara Romano:

Embrace your inner awesome and DANCE. MOVE your body. We had such a fun evening moving our bodies, and loving ourselves. Even if it means tapping into your alter ego/higher self. It’s so freeing! I love dancing and moving so that was a really fun event for me.

From Lori Harder:

We learned all about her company Lite Pink! Not only is the branding super cute but the PURPOSE is key! Her drinks are created for women by women to create community. Helping women dive into true friendship with vulnerability and conversations.


Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women

I received all this love, strength, encouragement, positivity and grit from FREE connection calls! All last year I spent loads of intensional energy and supporting local and loving on my fiends and other small businesses and I am being blessed!

Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women
Speaking of LOCAL….Isn’t my Sage Aubrey handbag the cutest? SUPPORT HER! She’s a LOCAL business with ethics, style, and quality with positive connection is her KEY mission.

I have truly dove in and committed to this community and I want you to join me.

So that is just a recap on the last few weeks that community has truly been key for me.

If you aren’t joining in on these connection calls or another group that is empowering and huddling around you during this time I HIGHLY recommend you get off this blog RIGHT now and dive in.

As Lindsey says “You weren’t meant to do this alone.”

Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women

So what are you waiting for?

How can I help you?

What do you need?

I’m even thinking of building a community section into my LAUNCH class by 2021. (How to start your small business or catch up on the basics you missed!) Because it’s surely so important. Want to start your small business? I can help you-Book my LAUNCH Course HERE.

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Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women
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Finding Joy During COVID-19 With Powerhouse Women

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