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Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress

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June 28, 2021


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Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress

Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress

EEEEk I’m always trying to think up blog post ideas and this one came to me SO easy because my clients dress was just SOOOOO cute! And it got me thinking… buying the perfect maternity dress can be hard! So I’ll leave some tips & tricks from the photographers perspective.

So one thing to know is there are two very different styles of Maternity shoots.

There are the lifestyle shoots with the family or something more casual that you would typically wear OR the glam shoot. The glam shoot dress is usually super extra and fun! So they are normally either high-low (short in the front and long in the back) or floor length with a train. Sometimes they are fluffy and made of tulle, sometimes sleek, and sometimes really soft and super fitted.

So here we go! My main tips-


I suggest a dress that is flattering to your body type. So be sure it’s something that you feel really good in. The first most important wardrobe element for any client is to feel beautiful!


  1. Maxi Dress: These are uber popular. They are normally fitted above the belly and then flow out. If you select a maxi dress the fabric can be really fun to play with and switch around and enjoy- but you will also have to be sure to tuck it in tight under the belly to see the shape.
  2. The fitted dress look… they often call this a Silhouette dress. Specifically fitted through the belly and hugs the legs and butt as it goes down. Do you see how this clients dress is fitted thought the belly and hugs all the way through the legs?! It’s PERFECT on showing off the bump & giving you shape! Another short tip about fitted… either go without underwear… haha or really soft cut ones. OR some sort of maternity specific spanks (this is if you dress is thin- and maybe of the fitted dresses are. This clients dress seems thick enough of a material that it wouldn’t really matter. The reason is that you really do not want to see underwear seams. It’s very distracting and they can be very hard to edit out.


Short or Long? Honestly… this doesn’t matter so much. Personal preference. I’ve seen dresses in any length that I’m obsessed with. I suppose long is more popular but for the heat & summer looks these shorter dresses are adorable. If you booked a session with two looks pick one long and one short! Or a high-low and


I LOVE the off the shoulder look Delia is wearing! Especially because many women are often uncomfortable with their arms. Let’s be honest… most of us don’t handle pregnancy well and the weight lands in places we wish it just wouldn’t! Like our arms. and if many poses are you interacting with your belly you are less likely to put a hand on your hip & more likely to have your arms smashed against your sides. So if you want to flatter your arms wear an adorable frill off the shoulder! Just like Delia! But tank dresses or frilly/flowy sleeves are so pretty too!


Pick a color that is flattering to your skintone. You can do the traditional Blue is for boy & Pink is for girl. Many clients do that. And it can be fun.

Honestly the most important thing is find something you love & enjoy it! My clients often keep me in the loop as they are looking for the perfect dress. I am more than happy to help!

Enjoy this adorable maternity shoot & leave some love!

Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress
Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress
Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress
Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress

Tips For Buying A Photoshoot Maternity Dress

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